Nason Msoni faces revolt

Differences have emerged in the All People’s Congress Party (APC) with its president Nason Msoni facing a revolt over the way he is allegedly mishandling party affairs.
But when contacted for a comment, Mr. Msoni told the Daily Nation that differences were normal in any political dispensation adding that the revolt was a blessing in disguise as it had proved wrong those who were calling the APC a one man party.
Party insiders yesterday told the Daily Nation that the party was divided over a number of issues which the leadership had failed to address due to lack of dialogue between members and the executive.
“There is a problem in APC because the party leadership does not want to listen to the general party membership as decisions have been limited to a few individuals especially the president himself. This lack of consultation and communication in the party has irked some members who have lost faith in the leadership,” the insiders said.
And some members spoken to said that the party would have made massive gains on the political arena by now if the president listened to the aspirations of other members.
“The problem is that the president does things in his own way. He has been issuing statements which do not reflect the aspirations of the party. The president has also been bulldozing the party into making decisions which do not have the blessing of the general membership,” the members who refused to be named said.
But when contacted for a comment, Mr. Msoni told the Daily Nation that the party was still intact and that the alleged differences were peddled by few selfish individuals who were sponsored to breed confusion in the party.
He said he was aware that there were some sponsored individuals who wanted to create unnecessary divisions in the party.
“We have no major division in the party. There are just a few elements in the party who are being sponsored by the Patriotic Front (PF) to bring unnecessary confusion in the party. We have no problem as far as we are concerned,” Mr. Msoni said.
He explained that it was normal for APC to have intra-party differences but that there was no revolt to worry about as everything was under control, adding that the party had decided to exercise tolerance on those who wanted to destabilise it by taking an antagonistic approach in resolving differences.
“Any democratic party must have those internal differences, it is a normal thing but we also have those elements who are trying to incite some of our executive members to engage themselves in bringing down the leadership of the party,” he said.
He explained that those who were calling his party a one-man party had been proved wrong by the fact that the differences in opinions from party members proved that it had a huge following.
“This also vindicates us from those who have accused us of being a one-man party. So, if there are people who are not happy with the way the party is running, then this vindicates us from statements that we are a small party, but we are a big party. It is within the parameters of democracy that people should have different views,” Mr Msoni said.
He explained that the differences in the party started a long time ago and that the party had tried to deal with the internal wrangles in a sober manner without expelling any member from the party because it believed in democracy where people had the right to air their views.

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