Cassanova hubby shocks wife

A 24-YEAR-OLD woman told a local court in Lusaka that she got upset after discovering that her husband, a police officer, has three children outside wedlock after she went through the conversation she found on his cell phone.
This is in a case in which Mwape Shikabi of Matero compound sued her husband, Andrew Shikabi, 28, for reconciliation. The two got married in 2011 and have two children.
Mwape told Senior Court Magistrate Lewis Mumba sitting at Matero Local Court that problems started when she exchanged her phone with her husband and found a conversation he had with his sister in which he admitted having five children.
She explained that when she asked her husband about the other threee children he readily admitted having sired them outside their marriage.
Mwape said on reading further her husband’s phone she discovered that Shikabi had a habit of booking rooms in lodges where he made love to his women.
“The other day at around 19.00 hours I found Shikabi’s vehicle parked in a dark corner and when I went closer I found him with a woman who was taking an energy drink with her legs on the dash board.
“When I asked her who she was, the woman told me to ask my husband and when I wanted to beat her, my husband instead beat me. The woman told me that Shikabi was not married,” said Mwape.
She explained that when she told Shikabi to look at the future of the children he told her that he had a personal bank account and showed her an ATM card and K100 notes which she wanted to grab.
Mwape further told the court that on Christmas eve she found used condoms in Shikabi‘s trousers when she had been looked for money at a time she was three months pregnant.
Asked by the court if she loves Shikabi, Mwape said that she loves him because he is her husband.
She said that they have sat for more than five times but all has been in vain.
In defence, Shikabi said that there were a lot of bad things Mwape had said about him and wondered why she wanted to reconcile with him.
He explained that the problem started when he gave Mwape his phone because it was a second-hand phone when he bought it and that some of the old information remained in the phone.
“The moment she knew I have five children she went to drink and came home at 22.oo hours and started to break the windows.
“She also wanted me to breastfeed the baby. It is true she found me with a woman in the vehicle but it was a girlfriend of my friend,” said Shikabi.
Asked by the court if he loves Mwape, Shikabi said that he loves her because the children are still young.
Passing judgment, Magistrate Mumba reconciled the couple and urged the two to go and sit with elders and bring a report on August 31.

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