Politics of substance must be encouraged

IT HAS now become fashionable for politicians to change parties for the single purpose of either remaining in Parliament or holding on to political influence. Time has come when politics will be taken seriously to represent real ideas that will develop the country.
It is shameful that some Members of Parliament will hang on to their positions in the National Assembly while publicly declaring their loyalty and support to other parties. This is not only dishonest but also a mockery of the people that sent them to Parliament.
Zambians are looking for leadership that will develop and accelerate the development agenda of the country.
They do not want people who are politicking for their own interest to promote their own political agenda and careers.
Those who change parties must do so on the basis of cogent reasons related to national programmes rather than spiting on those they consider as enemies. Political games should not overtake the role and purpose of governance institutions.
It is very disappointing that the current political climate has no real issues except for the insults regularly dished by FDD president Edith Nawakwi who seems to have developed a great interest in deprecating the President.
She now wants the President to rest, when only a few weeks ago all her colleagues were busy suggesting that the President was very sick and almost on the dying bed.
Fortunately God has spared him with good health, a fact demonstrated by the very heavy schedule of work he has been carrying on.
The church should step in as soon as possible to stop the current culture of insults from continuing into 2016 when the country will go to the polls. We need peace and tranquility and quality politics of ideas and aspirations and not thuggery.
Come 2016 Zambians will not listen to empty promises, they will look at the track record of those making promises.
Franklin Momba.

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