Politics of insults

ONCE again our country seems to be in campaign mode. The politics of insults and fingerpointing are at play.

What is disappointing however is that the same people that were defeated less than six months ago are at the helm of the blame game.

They are repeating the very same promises that disillusioned voters against their candidacy, one even wonders why they are bothering to raise the same issues again.

They have repeatedly  told the country about their economic genius and how they can turn the country round in no time, but are obviously not making an impression because they lack humility.

Zambians want a leader who is humble and carries himself in  an amicable and friendly manner. They do not want the people who stand aloof either becase of their wealth or education.

President Lungu won the last elections because he was a victim of the politically powerful and connected who wanted to victimise him out of the power that Prsident Michael Sata rightfully left to him.

He will win again in 2016 because he has remained humble and committed to the projects and programmes that the late president embarked upon.

It is commendable that he has sanctioned borrowing in order to complete the many projects that were embarked upon by Mr. Sata. Those projects must not be allowed to suffer and die because they were menat to uplift the lives of the ordinary people by developing infrastructure.

Those who want the country not to borrow want the PF to fail. They want incomplete projects  all over the country which they can use as a campaign tool to de-campaign the party.

This booby trap should be avoided. The Government must complete all the projects to deliver infrastucture, bring jobs and bring development to all the people in the country.

Andrew Mataka


Wynter Kabimba misconceptions

I READ the story in one of the papers of which  Wynter Kabimba is quoted as having said that PF is dying.

First of all Wynter Kabimba and his Rainbow Party want to drag Zambia 10 years backwards with his socialism ideology.

The problem is that Wynter thinks he is wiser than any other Zambian, but forgets so easily that his stubbornness is not only known to the nation but even little children.

Wynter did not leave PF as he is claiming; he was FIRED and his exit from PF brought not only joy to the party but relief. Wynter is a divider and lacks moral judgment.

It was Wynter and GBM who introduced pangas and they have gone with the pangas. It was him who created a lot of enemies within and outside the party.

It was him who failed to instill discipline in the party and today he can stand tall and tell the nation that he left PF. No, baba you were FIRED!!

We know Wynter is a pawn being used by the cartel to destroy the image of PF in our country. We know some civil servants work as spies to leak classified documents.

In his wisdom, if not lack of it, Wynter thinks he can win 2016 elections. That is  not correct.  Wynter is the most hated politician of our time and it will take time for him to build his dented image.

And I wish to comment on the National Democratic Party president Tentani Mwanzah who is quoted in one of the papers that he has withdrawn his support from PF.

Which support because I know that this party has only five members that is himself, his friend and 2 youths under the age of 15 and they cannot vote.

Mr Mwanzah has completely lost direction and my advice to him is so simple- let him turn his party into an NGO.

Stanley Kafula

Matero youth secretary.


Dangote milestone

THE Dangote cement plant in Ndola must bring shame to those who associate Nigeria with wrongdoing.

This plant, which started as a mere idea, with a ground breaking ceremony by former president Rupiah Banda will  create jobs and lower the cost of cement in the country.

It is from such accomplishments that our former leaders should be remembered and not from the humuiliation and criminal charges that they have been subjected to.

All Zambians will now benefit from the steadfastness and determination of leaders who allowed this project to proceed in spite of very negative sentiments.

I would like to salute RB and all his other colleagues who saw this project to its final goal.

Osward Kwenda.


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