Secession dead with 11th province -Nkoyas

THE calls for secession by the Lozis in Western Province will be a dead issue if the Nkoyas are given the eleventh province, says the Nkoya Royal Council chairperson David Tamboka.

Mr Tamboka said the Nkoyas and other ethnic groupings would not allow calls to have people seceding from Zambia because the issue of Barotse Agreement of 1964 died when Zambia gained independence.

He said no one should talk about seceding now because Zambia carried the motto of One Zambia One nation for the purpose of unity and peace of the nation.

Mr Tamboka appealed to President Lungu to quickly visit Western Province and ensure the challenges facing the region were addressed.

He said if the President visited Western Province to get the views of the people, all the issues of secession spearheaded by the Lozis would be resolved once and for all.

“We are appealing to President Edgar Lungu to visit  Western Province to see for himself the challenges we have so that he see why we are advocating an eleventh province, and that will be the time the issue of secession will come to an end,” he said.

Mr Tamboka said the Nkoyas would take their own action should the Lozi grouping continue to call for secession, because they had their own different views.

And Mr Tamboka said Zambia was a unitary State and that all the people should be treated the same.

He said the Nkoyas were in support of Government’s call for a united Zambia, adding that the secession calls were misplaced.

Mr Tamboka cautioned those advocating secession not to mislead the nation, saying Zambia gained independence for the sole purpose of unity.

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One Response to “Secession dead with 11th province -Nkoyas”

  1. The black woman not pink says:


    Ebaume ba mano aba.

    Twalilileni ukupunda pakuti ba ECL bomfwe. The Nkoyas have a point here….and the Government should listen to such proposals.
    Zambia has no time to warring about un profitable yapping about the BA which died in 1964. No going back and that’s final. The government of the day should put a stop to this nonsense.


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