PF confident ahead of Bangweulu by-election

Nothing will stop us from scooping the parliamentary seats in Bangweulu, Lubansenshi and Kasama Central because Zambians have confidence in the Patriotic Front and the leadership of President Edgar Lungu, PF Deputy Secretary General Mumbi Phiri has charged.

Ms. Phiri told the Daily Nation yesterday that opposition political parties should now come to terms with the fact that PF was unstoppable because it was gaining ground across the country even in areas that were mainly dominated by the opposition.

She said that the opposition should realise that they were headed for another huge defeat because they had nothing to offer the people and that Zambians had realised that President Lungu was the only person who could be trusted because he had demonstrated that he and his party meant well for Zambians.

“It is a done deal; PF is unstoppable and we are very sure that we will scoop all the three parliamentary seats because people believe in us. Zambians have realised that they need to rally behind President Lungu if they are to see meaningful development in their areas. So, for the opposition, they should just know that they are headed for another huge defeat because we are headed for victory in Bangweulu, Lubasenshi and Kasama Central,” Ms. Phiri said.

She said  some opposition political parties were jittery and  had resorted to mudslinging the PF because they were already defeated by the massive support that the PF had and that they were now panicking.

“They know they cannot match our campaign strategy and so they are already defeated before we go to the polls. The electorate are rallying behind our candidates because they have no confidence in the opposition.

They know that the opposition has nothing to offer them and they want to support President Lungu because of his humility, humbleness and sober leadership,” Mrs Phiri said.

And Ms. Phiri has called on the opposition parties to tame their cadres and conduct their campaigns in a peaceful manner.

She said there was need for other political parties to emulate the ruling party which was conducting its issue-based campaigns peacefully.

“We have told our cadres to be peaceful at all times by exercising restraint even when they are provoked because we want to conduct ourselves in a peaceful manner. We have just told our people to simply tell the electorates what we are doing for them on the ground without resorting to violence, something all should emulate,” Ms Phiri said.

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