Mineworkers unionists compromised – Kabimba

RAINBOW Party presidential candidate Wynter Kabimba has said miners are being exploited by foreign investors because they have a weak and compromised labour movement.

Speaking yesterday at Hotel Edinburgh in Kitwe during a meeting of the Press Freedom Committee of the Post, Mr Kabimba said unions in the mining industry were weak and compromised because the foreign investors had come with a  divide and rule attitude.

He was reacting to  one of the members of the gathering who complained that miners were being exploited by the foreign investors in the mining industry.

“You, the miners, you are being exploited by foreign investors because,  you have weak and compromised unions. They cannot effectively represent your interests. These investors have a divide and rule attitude which makes your unions weak and compromised,” Mr Kabimba said.

He said his party had decided to adopt the socialist system so that if voted into government, it could protect the interest of Zambians from being exploited by foreign investors. He said the Rainbow Party was not against foreign investors making profits from their investment in the country, but its interest was to see that Zambians genuinely benefitted from the investment in the country.

“We have seen capitalist governments like the MMD and PF failing to protect Zambians from being exploited by foreign investors, but as Rainbow Party we have adopted a socialist system because under a socialist government, Zambians would be protected from the exploitation of investors.

“When we talk about socialism, people always talk negative about it. They associate it with the queuing up of essential commodities that used to happen in UNIP, forgetting about the good things that socialism brought under UNIP.”

He said socialism under UNIP brought good things because the money that came from the countries natural resources was used for national development like the construction of universities, hospitals, roads and other infrastructure.

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