Smooth-talking politician

Outspoken..former Lubansenshi independent member of Parliament (MP) Patrick Mucheleka has lost his seat after the Supreme Court overturned the High Court ruling that he was duly elected.

If he was never a shrewd politician, he made himself one after supporting the candidature of UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema in the January 20 presidential by-election.

The support heralded the end of UPND’s isolation in Zambia’s northern region.

Hichilema may reciprocate by promising to help Mucheleka reclaim his parliamentary seat.

Mucheleka had sung from the right song-sheet. As Hichilema is the main backer, should Mucheleka decide to re-contest his seat on the UPND ticket, he needs to establish a good relationship with the affluent UPND leader.

Showing him respect is the first step towards making sure that Hichilema acts as a restraining influence over the party’s hierarchy and that it does not rise to challenge his adoption.

His biggest challenge though, is losing PF candidate Lazarus Chota who petitioned his  election in the High Court in 2011.

PF deputy secretary general Mumbi Phiri said that Chota pursued the matter all the way up to Supreme Court and it is just right that the party adopts him in the ensuing by-election.

Mucheleka’s success as a politician in the upcoming by-election probably depends on what he is reputed to be best at: smooth-talking.

Meanwhile, it is unclear whether Lubansenshi and Kasama Central parliamentary by-elections will be held on the same day in order to

reduce costs.

Mubanga Luchembe,


Nawakwi will never rule Zambia

FDD president Edith Nawakwi to me has become dreary and old-fashioned to Zambian politics.

Surely for her to state that that Republican President Edgar Lungu needs ‘Bana Chimbusa’ to train him how to run the country is downright insanity and primordial.

If anything, I feel it is her who badly needs ‘Alangizi’ as she has nothing to show for any political experience she claims to have because she lacks mellowness and keeps on blowing hot air to win despicable hype.

I have often wondered why her vice, Chifumu Banda, is lying low when he should be speaking out and guiding the virtuous lady who is without doubt lost in the political boondocks.

At the rate she is playing her politics, it is impracticable to win voters because Zambians are drained of insults and want to pay attention to politicians with ideas, especially on how to lessen poverty in the nation and to create employment.

Why is she not commenting on Carlington maize deal and the privatization of ZCCM in which she is reportedly to have had ‘strange’ deals?

It is not too late to open up those cases and I am asking the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) to start investigations and who knows somebody may end up lying at the bottom of the pond due to loads of issues. It always happens. you will NEVER rule Zambia and the only consolation for you lies in insults.  You have become the biggest female ‘insultant’ in Zambia. Please give us a break and start engaging the nation in real issues

Jay Kabemba


The load-shedding issue in the mines

I wholly concur with the Daily Nation’s editorial on the ZESCO load-shedding issue in the copper mining industry (Daily Nation, August  1, 2015).

It was well-researched and mirrored the reality on the ground with clarity and exactitude.

It is indisputable that the situation contradicts the Energy Minister Christopher Yaluma and must be addressed expeditiously.

There is a huge position gulf between the minister’s and that of ZESCO regarding load-shedding in the mines and the majority of mining companies are

seriously thinking of laying off some of their workers.

Independence came over 50 years ago, but ZESCO hasn’t made much progress towards making up for its epileptic power supply to the nation.

Due to ZESCO’s load-shedding small-scale entrepreneurs are now languishing in abject poverty, crime rate in informal settlements is on the rise, and unemployment among the urban youth is increasing.

The dreams of many business people for a power outage-free Zambia where all have a share in the national electricity have no doubt been shattered.

As a consequence, many of them are now disillusioned. For instance, 3,000 KCM jobs are believed to be on the line as the mining company suspends Nchanga underground operations, citing ZESCO power outages.

Furthermore, the high rate of crime and the incessant service delivery protests by workers and students in institutions of higher learning being witnessed across the country are undoubtedly linked to such disillusionment.

The failure to adequately address the issue of ZESCO’s epileptic power supply by both the current and previous governments seems to have worsened the situation.

Since load-shedding issues are very emotive, a lot of soul-searching is needed by the government and ZESCO on how to resolve this issue.

Obviously, the importation of 100 megawatts of electricity from Mozambique by ZESCO has hardly borne fruit in terms of redistributing this important resource.

There is indeed an urgent need for the government and ZESCO to look for viable ways of resolving the issue once and for all. Continual procrastination is clearly not a remedy.

Concerned citizen



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