Woman apologizes to hubby for sleeping in shorts


A woman has apologized to her husband in a Lusaka local court for sleeping in shorts.

Christine Siamungele, 25, of Old Kanyama compound apologized to her husband, Stanley Chanda, 27, a pastor of the same compound who sued her for divorce.

The two got married in 2011 and  have two children. Dowry was not paid.

Chanda told Senior Court Magistrate Daniel Phiri sitting with Magistrate Ackim Phiri at Kanyama Local Court that he had decided to divorce Siamungele because she sleeps in shorts (Bombasa) since they married.

He explained that apart from being a pastor he also does some business to raise money for the family.

“But when my business is down Siamungele tells me to cut off my manhood if can’t do withou a woman,” he said

He added that every time they differed Siamungele threatened to commit suicide.

Siamungele said that she did not want to divorce Chanda because they have children together, adding and that there was no other person who could keep the children apart from him.

She explained that she was surprised on July 20, when Chanda packed her belongings and booked a wheelbarrow to take her property to her parents.

She told the court that she called the church and knelt before Chanda to forgive her if she had wronged him but he refused and told her that it was a mistake to have a second child, who is two months old, with her.

Asked by the court if they could be given chance so that Siamungele was given some lessons by marriage counselors, Chanda was agreeable to the suggestion.

In submission, Chanda said that he wanted Siamungele to stay at her parents place first because of the suicide threats.

He however later changed his mind and said that he wanted to reconcile with his wife and that immediately brought smiles on Siamungele face.

The mother of Siamungele said that when Chanda brought Siamungele he told her that he brought her back because she wa a Tonga while he was Bemba.

She suspected that Chanda was being influenced by his bad friends.

Siamungele apologized to Chanda for sleeping in shorts when the court asked her to do so.

Passing judgment, Magistrate Daniel Phiri said that their marriage lacked good foundation because the pair just eloped and did not pass through marriage counselors.

He reconciled the couple and told Chanda to stay away from group influence, adding said that Chanda should also stop referring to Siamungele as Tonga because “we are One Zambia One nation.”

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