I refer to a letter by one Mr Gerald Chanda published in your paper of 30th July. We are all agreed that it is truly GBM’s democratic right to belong to any party of his choice. Our only concern was that your man wanted to eat with both hands. I hope you know the man too well. You are right to say that nobody should interfere with his strategy. I wonder whether he can ever lead the UPND if that is his strategy.

James K. Mphande, Kafue




While it is good news that the supplier of the contaminated crude has been summoned to come and give his side of the story, may I suggest that the former general manager of Indeni Mr Fred Zama be invited to the meeting to enhance the presence of the Indeni team. His experience will be very useful to Government. If the contamination happened between Dar and Ndola then we are close to arrest the culprit. Wishing you well in your investigations.

Micky, Lusaka





Cartel scribes leaking Govt info


You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to find out the people who leak sensitive information to the cartel-owned newspaper. There are just too many former cartel scribes occupying strategic positions in Government.

Phiri G, Lusaka




Local and external forces of evil at work


The power behind our spirit of unity cannot be over-explained or under-explained. My fellow countrymen and women let us guard against local and external forces of divisions engulfing our minds and hearts on Zambian soil. We have all that we can use to prosper if only we work together, putting our ideas in one basket for the betterment of the nation. Heal our minds Lord God, we need divine healing.

Pastor Prince M. Kabala, Lusaka




HP advises Govt on

power generation


The Heritage Party in Kapiri Mposhi has congratulated President Lungu for opening the Israeli Embassy and urges him to use Israel or Egypt to dig a canal from Lake Mweru to Zambezi River to end lack of water for ZESCO to end load shedding as a long-term measure. Dr. Kaunda laid Tazama pipeline from the port of Dar in Tanzania to Ndola. Why not dig a canal?  The Heritage Party in office will do just that.

Rev. Msiska, Kapiri





Where is Zambia going wrong economically?


God has blessed us with natural resources. My question is where are we going wrong? The majority of Zambians are jobless; the economy in on the downhill, there is little investor confidence, resulting in high poverty levels. Countries like Uganda have a stable economy. Where are we going wrong?

Mweemba Simuliampondo







Masebo and her blame game


Madam Masebo stop playing a blame game over your arrest, instead blame yourself. I know you are still convinced that the action you took over ZAWA was in the interest of the country. I agree with you but it seems you used shortcuts to achieve what you wanted. For me this is the problem and not politics and that’s how this law you helped to enact works. In fact Mr Mulongoti is on record having reminded all MPs who participated in passing the abuse of office law that they will be haunted by the same law when they leave office. Nobody paid attention to his warning.

Micky, Lusaka


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