Prophet in court for defamation

A 23-year-old prophet has been dragged to court in Lusaka for allegedly accusing a woman of bewitching her husband.

This is in a case in which Prophet Teddy Jere of John Laing compound has been sued by Toliwe Zulu, 47, of the same compound for defamation for accusing  her of  having bewitched her husband.

However, Prophet Jere denied calling Zulu a witch.

Zulu told Senior Court Magistrate Daniel Phiri sitting with Magistrates Sarah Nyendwa and Ackim Phiri at Kanyama Local Court that she knows Jere as a prophet.

She explained that on July 16, she got a call from her mother in-law to leave her son alone because she was responsible for his illness.

She was at the hospital nursing her husband when she received the call from her mother in law who further threatened to emberass her if she did not leave her son alone.

Zulu was later informed that Prophet Jere removed ‘Chitumwa’ (charm)from her house and her husband was also told not to enter the house.

In cross-examination, Zulu said that she did not know when Prophet Jere told her husband that she was a witch.

Asked by the court if she was still with her husband, Zulu said her husband chased her because of the ‘Chitumwa’ Prophet Jere found in the house.

In defence,Prophet Jere said sometimes in June Zulu’s sister in-law went to him and told him that she wanted them to go and see Zulu’s husband who was unwell.

He explained that after reaching  Zulu’s house he prayed for water which Zulu’s husband drank.

He said that the next time he went to Zulu’s house he removed a ‘Chitumwa’ from the house which Zulu’s mother in-law burnt.

Prophet Jere further said that he did not mention anyone in connection with the charm but only said he would give an explanation later after Zulu’s husband got well.

Asked by Zulu to tell her where the ‘Chitumwa’ came from, Prophet Jere said that it came from the family of Zulu’s husband.

Jere said  that he has been a prophet for nine years and that he is always guided by the Holy Spirit.

Zulu’s mother in-law Lucia Chalo said that Prophet Jere never said that it was Zulu who had bewitched her husband or that ‘Chitumwa’ belonged to her.

She explained that they went to Prophet Jere for assistance and that when he came home he poured salt and powder in the house and subsequently found ‘Chitumwa’ in the house.

Chalo said she burnt the ‘Chitumwa’ which  produced a lot of blood to fill up a big basin.

Chalo said that it was her son who said Zulu had bewitched him.

In submission, Zulu said that she wanted  Prophet Jere to be finishing his work and not to be bringing confusion in homes.

Passing judgment, Magistrate Daniel Phiri dismissed the case because it was all hearsay.

He however warned Prophet Jere that next time law would visit him because he was bringing confusion in people’s homes.


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