Lungu deserves support, says chief Mumena

PRESIDENT Edgar Lungu has demonstrated that he is an inclusive and tolerant leader and should be supported by all Zambians to continue governing the country in peace and unity, Chief Mumena of North-Western Province has said.

Chief Mumena said President Lungu was the kind of leader Zambia needed because the country was safer, peaceful, united and politically stable under his charge.

Chief Mumena said President Lungu has been a listening and respectful leader despite being the most criticized by his political opponents.

The traditional leader said President Lungu’s crusade of uniting Zambia through the One Zambia One Nation should be propagated by all Zambians if the country had to continue with its economic developmental programme.

The traditional leader told the Daily Nation that President Lungu was a human being and that Zambians should know that they did not elect an angel for them to expect a miraculous change in the lives of the people in the last six months the Head of State had been in State House.

He said the humbleness and humility President Lungu had exhibited should be emulated by other leaders in the opposition political parties because Zambians did not want to have a leader who was arrogant and without respect for the people.

He said President Lungu was being heavily criticized because he was working and that it was only expected that those who were eying the presidency would continue to criticize him even when he was doing the correct things.

“President Lungu has worked very hard to unite the country and has demonstrated that he is an inclusive leader who respects the people he is governing. President Lungu has been a champion of the messages of peace, unity, harmony, reconciliation and love and other leaders should emulate him. He has been on a crusade to make Zambia a better place to live in and he has been tolerant in governing the country and we think this is the kind of leader Zambia needs. Those who are criticising the President will always be there but he is a human being and we did not elect an angel in the office of President and things will not be perfect within the last six months he has been in office,” Chief Mumena said.

Chief Mumena has asked the church and Zambians in general to continue praying for President Lungu and his government so that he could continue presiding over the affairs of the country.

He said it was hope that that President Lungu was going to continue being remolded and reshaped so that he could be become the best leader but advised that the Head of State’s new office should not make him stop seeing what he was seeing before he became President.

“We did not elect an angel into State House and President Lungu came from among Zambians and it would be unfair to expect that he would turn round the fortunes of this economy within the last six months he has been in office. We should continue to pray for him so that he can get remolded and reshaped but he should not stop seeing the difficulties people are going through because of his new office,” Chief Mumena said.

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