NDP president attacked over land

SOME suspected Patriotic Front (PF) cadres are alleged to have assaulted National Democratic Party (NDP) president Tenthani Mwanzah over his piece of land which they want demarcated into residential plots in Lusaka’s Matero township.

Mr. Mwanza told the Daily Nation that around 16:00 hours last Friday, he went to his piece of land which is on plot number 137 in Matero where he found over 15 men allegedly marking it with a view to demarcating it and sell plots to prospective developers.

He explained that he went over to ask them what they were doing on his piece of land and that the cadres told him they wanted to demarcate it into residential plots so that they could sell them.

He said he tried to reason with them that he was the legal owner of the piece of land and that he had not sold it to anyone, the men descended on him and asked him to leave and that if he insisted on blocking them from selling the land, they would kill him.

“I went to my piece of land where I found these cadres marking it so that they can demarcate and sell it to people to develop it. When I asked why they were marking my land, they warned me to leave if I did not want to die. They threatened that they were going to beat me, but I insisted that the land belonged to me and I had documentation to that effect, that is when they started beating me,” Mr. Mwanzah explained.

He explained that after the ordeal, he rushed to Matero police station to report the matter where he got the police report for him to access medication.

Mr Mwanzah explained that the following day, the same people again mobilised and went to the site to continue marking the piece of land as they had halted the exercise the previous day after they realised that he had rushed to the police station to report the incident.

“They did not end there. They went ahead the following day (Saturday) and this time they were almost double the number of people who attacked  me on Friday and the moment they saw me, they again charged at me, but I told them that I was not going to allow them grab my piece of land. They started harassing me telling me there was nothing I could do because I was just a mere president of an opposition party,” he explained.

Mr. Mwanzah accused the police of not helping the situation in Matero because the incidence was not the first one in the area as other people had been attacked in the same way over land.

“Cadres in Matero have taken the law in their own hands and are attacking people with impunity with little or no protection from the police. The police cannot do anything to these cadres because they are also scared. I reported the matter to police but up to now, the police have not done anything and this is sad because the police are supposed to protect the people and their property.

“These cadres are dangerous criminals. They were armed with hoe handles, screwdrivers, logs, and other things which they used to attack me. These are violent people who can do whatever they feel like in any way and this is unfortunate. We cannot continue living like this,” he said.

According to a medical report, Mr. Mwanza sustained general body pains with a swollen face and a broken nose, while he complained of chest pains and neck rigidity.

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