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It is ironic that those who take delight in accusing others of corruption will not themselves accept the test of vindication through the established “vindication” systems.

Instead of accepting to go through courts of law Ms. Slyvia Masebo, the Chongwe Member of Parliament, who has been accused of abuse of authority, has chosen instead  to accuse and pass the blame. Fortunately the person who accused her of graft and corruption is still alive and has spoken.

William Harrington a former Minister was not amused by her antics and chose to complain as per established law. He lodged a formal complaint as prescribed by law and a tribunal was constituted.

The rest is history because the matter has been appealed and counter appealed until now the ACC has taken the appropriate action to take her to court.

Instead of accepting the opportunity to vindicate herself Ms Masebo has chosen to disparage the President.

This is illogical and counterproductive. She has  the onus to take responsibility for her actions. She is the one who dissolved the ZAWA board, she is the one  who cancelled the hunting concession and she is the one who addressed a number of press conferences to defend he r actions.

Those excuses have failed. Time has come for the court. She must be strong and face the consequences of her actions.

She must stop her ill-conceived political propaganda against President Edgar Lungu in an attempt to remain relevant to the current political dispensation.

It is obviously  mischievous for anybody to blame President Edgar Lungu for the problems that Ms Masebo has found herself in with the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) over her handling of the Zambia Wildlife Authority issues.

Ms Masebo’s problems with the law did not start with the election of Mr Lungu as President in January this year but when former Minister of Tourism William Harrington petitioned the acting Chief Justice Lombe Chibesakunda to constitution a tribunal in November 2013.

In that petition Mr Harrington wanted the Rhodah Kaoma tribunal to investigate whether Ms Masebo was within her powers to cancel hunting concessions and whether her decision to terminate services of ZAWA senior management officials was in accordance with the law.

The findings of the tribunal are already in public domain hence at that time, President Michael Sata’s decision to relieve her of her duties at the Ministry of  Tourism.

Now this happened many months  before Mr Sata died on October 28 last year and before Mr Lungu was elected in the January 20, 2015 Presidential election. 

Therefore, we find as incorrect for the Chongwe law maker to attribute her arrest to political influence from the current head of State.

In the current circumstances, Ms Masebo is advised to face the law with the boldness she displayed when she was before the Rhodah Kaoma tribunal.

As we have said, it is mischievous for Ms Masebo to drag President Lungu’s name in her arrest when she knows who has been complaining about her alleged misconduct at ZAWA.

Like Ms Masebo, we do not support ACC’s docility in the fight against corruption but it would be totally misplaced to play a political card against the head of State to win public sympathy.

The insatiable political appetite to blame President Lungu for whatever predicament that Zambians find themselves in is not only appalling but also lacks basic understanding of governance.

While President Lungu has inherited past omissions of his predecessors and he should apply every effort to rectify such, it would, however , be erroneous for his critics to hold him entirely responsible for most of the ills being experienced.

Yes, we understand as head of State the buck stops at President Lungu’s office in State affairs, but this should be accompanied by a bit of reasoning.

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