Kitwe Land scandal erupts


SOME gazetted roads in Kwacha Township in Kitwe have been blocked by structures on plots believed to have been illegally allocated by civic leaders in the area.

Apart from that civic leaders in Kitwe have also illegally sold plots on sewer lines.

When contacted for a comment on the illegal allocation of land which has resulted into gazetted roads being blocked, Kwacha ward councillor Ms Mwansa Jordan denied being involved in the illegal allocation of land in the area.

Ms Jordan instead said the illegal allocation of land in the ward could have been done by some of his predecessors.

Some of the roads which have been blocked by the structures built on illegally acquired plots include Waitwika Avenue which is supposed to connect Kwacha road to Kuomboka road. Mwekera Road which used to end at a play park had also been blocked after a former councillor acquired part of it for block making purposes denying children the recreational facility which they used for various sports activities.

Apart from being a play park, the recreational facility was also used by some churches to commemorate various important days.

Despite these issues, Ms Jordan insisted that her ward had no illegal allocation of land and that the only issue she knew was a land wrangle between a former councillor and a Mr Chansa over a play park.

When reminded of the roads which had been blocked by the structures built on land which was illegally acquired, Ms Jordan said she was in Livingstone and would talk to the reporter on her return.



Dozing stories

meant to embarrass

 Lungu-FODEP PRESIDENTS across the globe have strenuous work schedules and long days but the publication of stories about President Lungu dozing when he met the UNDP delegation was meant to embarrass the Head of State, the Foundation of Democratic Process (FODEP) has observed.

FODEP executive director MacDonald Chipenzi said Presidents often had a lot of pressure and had very little time to rest and should not be embarrassed and scandalized if they dozed during some of their presidential duties.

Mr Chipenzi said it was wrong for journalists and media houses to politicize President Lungu’s dozing when the UNDP delegation paid a courtesy call on him because Zambians had not forgotten that former president Michael Sata was photographed deeply sleeping at one of the State functions.

He said the media houses that were blowing President Lungu’s dozing did not do the same when President Sata was caught sleeping on duty and advised that it was not correct to portray the Head of State as being lazy.

Mr Chipenzi said while there was nothing wrong in criticising President Lungu and his Government, media houses should never fall into the temptation of being malicious in the manner they carried their critical stories.

He said President Lungu would be helped if the criticism he was getting from his political opponents and media houses was genuine and devoid of malice and slander.

Mr Chipenzi said attacking the persona of President Lungu was not going to help the country grow and advised that leaders should be concerned about the debt Zambia was accumulating rather than working at embarrassing the Head of State.

“It is clear that the publication of the picture depicting President Lungu dozing was meant to embarrass the Head of State. President Lungu is not the first one to have dozed while performing his presidential functions. We saw late president Sata sleeping and the media talking about President Lungu did not report that. Now we see that you are on the other side and Lungu’s dozing has become a story. Presidents all over the world have strenuous schedules and long days and often doze to rest and we cannot be politicizing this. The journalists should be professional and even if we did not like President Lungu, we should criticize to help him govern and develop our country,” Mr Chipenzi said.

And Mr Chipenzi said the arrest of former tourism and environment minister Sylvia Masebo had been delayed and that was why she was claiming that it was political.

Mr Chipenzi said Ms Masebo should have been arrested soon after the tribunal found her guilty of having abused the authority of office by cancelling hunting concession tender and firing the Zambia Wildlife Authority (ZAWA) directors.

He said Ms Masebo claims that she had become a political victim could be as a result of the ACC having delayed to effect her arrest and that the Commission was seen as being used by the State to hunt down those who were critical of President Lungu’s Government.

He said Ms Masebo was fired by late president Michael Sata in early 2014 over the same allegations she was facing and the ACC should have swiftly moved in to arrest her instead of applying inertia on the matter.

Mr Chipenzi said although the action by the ACC was well-intended and done in the true spirit of the fight against corruption, Ms Masebo would always cry political persecution because of the time it had taken to arrest her.

Mr Chipenzi recalled that the ACC had summoned Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba and Wynter Kabimba who were defence and justice ministers during the reign of president Sata over corruption allegations but were quick to drop the allegations.

He recalled that Mr Mwamba’s corruption allegations were only resuscitated after resigning from Government while those of Mr Kabimba had never been followed up.

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