‘Dirty bitch’ remark lands young woman in hot soup


A 22-year-old woman has been fined K1,500 for calling her neighbour a dirty bitch.

Senior Court Magistrate Pauline Newa sitting with Magistrate Lewis Mumba at Matero Local Court ordered Nancy Ng’andwe of Garden compound to compensate Norah Ng’ambi, 26, of the same compound for insulting her.

Ng’ambi told the court that in March, 2015 she found her husband drinking Fanta with Ng’andwe who lied that the person she was with went inside the shop.

The following day Ng’andwe insulted and told her that she was a  dirty bitch with watery private parts and that was the reason why her husband would leave her.

“Every time I talk about Ng’andwe my husband beats me. I went to my parents after we differed, “ she said

Ng’ambi’s witness, Jessica Phiri, 25, said that on July 15, at around 11.00 hours when she was drinking tea, Ng’andwe who is her neighbor came to her and started shouting and denied flirting with Ng’ambi’s husband.

She said that Ng’andwe insulted Ng’ambi and told her that she is a dirty bitch with watery private parts.

In defence, Ng’andwe said that she was drinking Fanta with another person when Ng’ambi’s husband came and sat next to her.

She explained that on July 15, Ng’ambi came to her home and insulted her and her whole family.

But Ng’ambi’s husband, Brighton Mutale, 30, a businessman denied being present when Ng’andwe insulted his wife (Ng’ambi).

In submission, Ng’ambi said that she wanted compensation from Ng’andwe for insulting her.

Passing judgment, Magistrate Newa said that it was evident that Ng’andwe insulted Ng’ambi because Ng’ambi’s witness said exactly what the complainant said.

She said that Ng’andwe failed to bring a witness but brought Ng’ambi’s husband who denied being present during the exchange of insults.

She was ordered to pay the fine in monthly installments of K500.

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