‘ACC must reopen Wynter oil case’

THE Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) should now reopen investigations in which Rainbow Party president Wynter Kabimba told the nation that an oil giant firm wanted to bribe him in order to influence the US$500 million fuel contract, Evangelical International Youth Alliance president Reverend Moses Lungu has said.

Commenting on the swift arrest of Chongwe Member of Parliament Slyvia Masebo by the ACC, Rev. Lungu said justice should be seen to be done and the only way people would appreciate ACC’s effort in the fight against corruption in the country was to reopen the Kabimba-Dalbit saga to ascertain whether  Dalbit wanted to bribe Mr. Kabimba.

“As Justice Minister and PF secretary general then, Mr. Kabimba told the nation that Dalbit wanted to bribe him in order to influence the outcome of the US$500m fuel deal in 2012,” he said.

Rev. Lungu said Zambians were still looking forward and waiting for the truth to come out over a deal that cost the country over US$500million.

“It is only prudent that ACC re-opens the corruption investigations against Mr. Kabimba in relation to Dalbit who they did not clear professionally. I want to challenge ACC to tell the nation if at all they still stick to their earlier statement that Kabimba was cleared. Let them tell us what exactly where they were looking for in those investigations. When did they interview Kabimba in order to clear him? Is it not the fear or president Michael Sata that made them closed the case?” said Rev. Lungu.

He said it was not in dispute that the awarding of the contract to Dalbit in 2012 to supply and delivery of 216,920,000 litres of diesel and 21,230,000 litres of leaded petrol over a two year period was embroiled in serious corruption disputes and it was irregular and unbelievable for ACC to think that there was no corruption when actually Mr. Kabimba had confessed that the company wanted to bribe him. Rev. Lungu noted with sadness that since 3rd December 2012 when Mr. Kabimba was summoned for interviews by ACC, the institution has continued protecting the Rainbow Party leader from investigations.

“The hearing was suspended amid chaotic scenes and protests from the minister’s supporters. And since then nothing has been done. The only thing we heard was he was cleared and this did not come out clearly. It is my view that this is the time this matter should come to rest by ACC summoning Mr. Kabimba and probe of corruption with respect to Dalbit oil deal,” he said.

Dalbit Beheer BV is a Dutch multinational commodity trading company founded in 1993 trading in base metals and energy, including oil. It is the world’s third largest private oil and metals trader after Vitol and Glencore Xstrata.

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