The departure of GBM from PF, comedy of the century

The clinging of the former Defence minister Goeffrey Bwalya Mwamba (GBM) to PF even after accepting a position as vice president (administration) of the UPND has brought to the fore some fundamental issues about the ability of the UPND to form a competent team with which to effectively run the affairs of the nation. 

From that action UPND legal team does not seem to be equal to the task, for their failure to advise the newly appointed vice president for administration that he can never be a member of Parliament in one party and be the vice president of another party.

The comparison that he made about the Republican president appointing MPs from the opposition does not hold water because the law empowers the President to appoint ministers from among members of Parliament.

One would have expected the UPND that claims to have educated people in their rank and file to be well informed.

Mr Jack Mwiimbu and Mr Douglas Syakalima are a big disappointment. How could they allow HH to be running the party affairs  as though it was a water kiosk?

If he wanted the best for his party , he should have swapped the two vice presidents putting Canisius Banda as vice president administration and GBM vice president for politics.

In all fairness, UPND members across the country know too well that it is a blunder for HH to give such an important position to someone like GBM.

As if that was not enough, he has continued to paint his country black in the eyes of potential foreign investors by his careless statements.

Let me take up Douglas Syakalima’s role today to advise HH that his party as a biggest opposition political party must always conduct its business  as a government in waiting.

He ought to make only decisions that are in the best interests of all Zambians. Not the scheming that we have witnessed of late of always inciting violence then when they are defeated by the PF cadres who are in majority,  they cry loudly that PF is a violent party.

Has he not wondered why Zambians still love the PF even when the Post newspaper and its agents including the UPND daily insult Government officials and President Edgar Lungu in particular?

The reason is that Zambians know that despite many challenges we are facing as a nation PF is working to better their lives.

Zambians are very intelligent people. Actually the common Zambians analyse the performance of the economy correctly than the self-acclaimed degree holders who spend their time and energy on malice and slander.

UPND and  some opposition politcal parties should not be allowed to divide our great nation into tribes.

They seem to be bent on the biblical revelation that in the last days brother will turn against sister and one family against the other etc.

I pray for the holy ghost to descend on the above opposition leaders of this blessed nation not to succumb to the devil pressure to bring war and suffering to our land but guide them to be agents of love as God is love. Amen

Enock chulu



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One Response to “The departure of GBM from PF, comedy of the century”

  1. zuberi says:

    WAKO NI WAKO Mr Chuulu you are disgust you people from the East.


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