Long, punishing schedules make leaders doze – Moonga

THE malice and propaganda campaign against President Edgar Lungu over his strenuous and long days of work by a selected group of individuals lined up by some media houses is not going to succeed because Zambians are aware of the motive of the champions of the hate speech the Head of State has suffered, Paul Moonga has said.

Mr Moonga who is Patriotic Front (PF) national mobilization chairman said the propaganda that President Lungu was falling asleep while performing some of his presidential assignments was malicious and intended to disparage the Head of State.

He said world leaders across the globe were known to take quick rests during their work because of their long days and punishing schedules and it was politically senseless for any opposition leader to join a group of individuals in the fountain of evil whose sole motive was to cause an uprising against President Lungu and his Government.

Mr Moonga said world leaders were known to take long schedules and that Zambians did not take an issue with former president Michael Sata who could often take a rest while on his presidential duties. He said the people who had ganged up against President Lungu should know that Presidents across the globe did not have enough rest as their schedules were always tight and should stop getting personal in their debate because President Lungu was providing effective leadership.

Mr Moonga commended the Daily Nation for having brought out world leaders who had taken a rest during some of their presidential duties stating that hatred and bitterness was eating media houses that thought they could continue manipulating Presidents in Zambia.

He said President Lungu had suffered the worst verbal abuse from some of his political opponents including some media houses that had failed to accept the reality that Zambians had deposited their trust in President Lungu.

“World leaders across the globe take long days and punishable schedules and it is usual that they would take a rest while on some of their presidential assignments.

We have seen it before here in Zambia where former president Michael Sata could take a rest during some of his duties and the people who have launched the malicious propaganda against President Lungu should be ashamed that they have gone to town attacking the Head of State for taking a rest. We know that some known media house has failed to accept the reality that Zambians gave the mandate to be governed to President Lungu and they have lined up some voices which they are using with the hope of causing an uprising in the country.

Let them know that they have failed because Zambians know their motive,” Mr Moonga said. And Mr Moonga said UPND leader was dangerously misinterpreting the country’s Constitution by suggesting that Kasama Member of Parliament Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba could still remain a member of the PF after defecting from the ruling party.


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