Land corruption in Zambia: What could be the solution?

It is disheartening to notice the rampant illegalities in the management of land in our country.

We are left to wonder what the institutions charged with the responsibility to preside over land are doing to allow this lawlessness being perpetrated by some political cadres.

What is happening at the Ministry of Lands? Does this ministry still exist? The Ministry of Local Government and Housing also appears to be the culprit behind the recruitment of these cadres, mostly councillors, who carry out these land transactions on their (ministry’s) behalf. At least so we suspect.

Are there really any records to show which land is under lease and which one is available for distribution?

Do we have a commissioner of lands or land inspectors to watch over our land and ensure compliance with regulations and laws governing land distribution?

If they do exist, then they are doing Zambians a disservice.

In case they are not aware, land is finishing by few privileged individuals leaving out the majority poor Zambians without anything.

I wish to join President Lungu in suggesting to immediately end this lawlessness that has characterized land administration in our country to enhance maximum benefit from it.

There is plenty of open land in most of our towns in Zambia including the newly opened districts throughout the country.

These stretches of land are lying idle and unplanned for, thereby tempting our innocent and unsuspecting citizens who end up being victims of land corruption at the hands of the infamous political cadres.

When late President Michael Sata saw that there was too much corruption in the awarding of road constructions contracts by the Road Development Agency (RDA), he created a desk for them at State House for close monitoring  and to ensure efficiency and transparency.

Therefore, if the ministries charged with the responsibility of administering land have failed to handle the rampant illegal land allocation, I advise the President to move the office of the Commissioner of Lands or whoever is responsible to State House so that he/she is closely supervised if all Zambians can be accorded chance to own land.

I also want to strongly warn the PF secretary general to tame his cadres. Not too long ago, their MMD counterparts behaved the same way; controlled markets, bus stations, caused violence and misappropriated land with impunity, they were caught up with time and today they are in the cold.

These cadres should lay their hands off from our land. And you people in charge of land, can you update your records and make the land available and affordable to everyone, as Zambia is for all Zambians.

Peter Chabilingana


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