Ignore Chama, Kambwili dismissal resolution’

The resolution made by the organisers of the Chuundu Chaitwa of the people of Southern Province demanding President Lungu’s intervention and dismissal of three senior officials of the Patriotic Front is misplaced and politically motivated, says the International of Democracy and Conflicts Resolutions (IIDCR) president Tresford Chomba.

In a letter to the Head of State, Mr Chomba said as much as the people of Southern Province were entitled to their opinion, the demand was politically motivated and aimed at nothing but to weaken the PF once its strong senior officials who appeared to be impermeable and strong in organizing the party were removed.

Mr Chomba said the demand was non-tribal but aimed at destabilizing the ruling party.

He said there was an invisible hand in the resolution in favour of the opposition political parties to see the downfall of the ruling party.

The Chuundu Chaitwa gathering in Monze demanded that President Lungu should dismiss Chief Government spokesperson Chishimba Kambwili, PF secretary general Davies Chama and his deputy Mumbi Phiri.

Mr Chomba said IIDCR would not support such an undemocratic action by selfish individuals, adding that the alleged victims were not even given an opportunity to exculpate themselves.

“We pray that these people should not play with the authority of your office and politicize every non-issue to divert your office and the entire PF from concentrating on development agenda,” the letter read.

Mr Chomba urged President Lungu not to succumb to the demands of having his senior officials dismissed but instead should be maintained in their positions so that they organized the party as the elections draws near.

He said the people of Zambia wanted to see development and unity in the country, looking at how President Lungu had demonstrated the high level of credible leadership of unifying the country.

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One Response to “Ignore Chama, Kambwili dismissal resolution’”

  1. The black woman not pink says:

    Thank you Jesus for everything you do and give to the nation Zambia.

    Mr President do not entertain complainers about tribalism talk because your reaction would prolong its healing.


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