Dead miners had premonition of fatal accident

A YOUNG brother of one of the four miners who died in an underground mine accident at SOB shaft of Mopani Copper Mines (MCM) in Kitwe has disclosed that before his brother met his death he had earlier  complained to his wife that the site where they were working from was not safe.

Mr Royford Mambwe, young brother of  the late Arnold Mambwe, told Deputy Mines Minister Richard Musukwa at the mourning house in Chamboli township that his elder brother had complained to his wife about the unsafe working envinonment, but that his supervisor ignored the  safety concerns.

Mr Mambwe said  his brother  complained of too many loose stones  at the work place  where the accident occurred.

“Arnold is my immediate elder brother and I can tell you that a day before he died in a mine accident, he had told his wife that the place he was working from was not safe,

“He said the place was not safe because there were too many loose stones which looked like they were about to fall off, but despite complaining about it, his boss allegedly ignored the concerns and told him that was the last shift in that place,” said Mr Mambwe.

And information minister Chishimba Kambwili who has lost a nephew in the mine accident, urged MCM to come out clear on what led to the accident which claimed the lives of four miners.

Mr Kambwili, who was found at the funeral house in Miseshi Wusakile, said he was devastated by the death of his nephew, but was grateful that President Edgar Lungu had sent Mines deputy minister to mourn with the bereaved families.

“The one who has died (Honest Mushota) is my nephew, he is my sister’s son. When I heard about this news, I was devastated, but I am so grateful that President Lungu has sent you, honourable minister to mourn with us,” said Mr, Kambwili between sobs.

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One Response to “Dead miners had premonition of fatal accident”

  1. Mercutio II says:

    Crocodile tears. Condolences to the wife and kids.


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