Drunken accused remanded in custody


THE Lusaka Magistrates Court has remanded a drunken suspect in custody for disorderly conduct and disrupting smooth proceedings of the court.

This is in a matter in which Glance Makanta, 20, of Lusaka’s Chelstone is facing one count of obtaining money by false pretence amounting to K20, 000.

When the matter was called for trial before Betty Malupenga, the court adjourned it to August 6, 2015 because the prosecutor handling it was not present as he was attending a meeting.

As Makanta was standing in the accused dock, he fidgeted and struggled to maintain stability which compelled Magistrate Malupenga to ask whether he was well.

In his response, Makanta said: “Aaaam ooookay!”

When the matter was adjourned, Makanta was so displeased and as he walked out of the courtroom, he bumped into court furniture, causing noise.

Outside the court room, Makanta started talking loudly in protest against the adjournment of his case.  At one point, he even walked to the doorstep of Magistrate Malupenga’s courtroom, stood in the middle of the door and started humming.

It was at that stage that Magistrate Malupenga asked the court martial to summon Makanta.

When he entered the court room, Makanta almost staggered straight into magistrate’s chambers but quick action by the court martial prevented him from entering the chambers.

When Makanta was redirected to the accused dock, he could not find the door to the dock and had to be redirected by court marshals to find the door.

Magistrate Malupenga was not amused with Makanta’s conduct and ordered that he should be remanded for contempt.

“Why do you come to court drunk? Put him there (accused dock). You will be there for now until your case is heard,” Magistrate Malupenga said, as she rose and retired to her chambers.

Even when he was sitting in the dock, Makanta  did not seem to understand what was happening.

A court official told him that he should communicate with his relatives at home and inform them that he had been remanded in custody.

Makanta responded: “Oowoo?” A few minutes later he was led to the holding cell at the magistrates court.

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