Stemming Violence

The police must be commended for moving swiftly to arrest those responsible for the violence that characterised UPND leader HH’s visit to the Copperbelt.

This proves the point that justice is not for purchase in Zambia.

The very fact that very senior Patriotic Front officials have been arrested clearly indicates a willingness on the part of the police to walk the talk and ensure that peace and the rule of law prevail in the country.

Nobody should be above the law and those who commit offences with impunity in the hope of attracting sympathy from within and without must be condemned for their injudicious conduct.

It is foolish to deliberately commit an offence in the vain hope that law enforcement agencies will be too frightened or scared to prosecute.

Any offence that comes to the notice of the police must be prosecuted and only the courts of law will determine if such prosecution is malicious and justified or indeed frivolous.

We have come from experience in which this newspaper has been prosecuted for a law that was patently against press freedom and indeed violated the  very principles of the constitution which guarantees freedom of conscience and communication.

It has become very fashionable in Zambia for a group of people to consider themselves immune and above the law because of their assumed status.  In this regard they conduct themselves recklessly by breaking the law with utter disregard of the existence of law and law enforcement agencies.

They will steal classified Government documents, bug Government officials and generally disparage those in authority accusing them of all manner of misconduct.

All this is done in the hope that the international community and indeed sections of the local gullible team will cry foul if the law visited them.

This is a very clear misapprehension which must be rooted out in a very firm and decisive manner.  The same way in which the police have acted in arresting those alleged to have perpetuated violence against HH on the Copperbelt.

A very clear lesson must be sent to all Zambians that nobody and indeed can abuse the law and expect to be let scot free.

This is a lesson which party officials in Kitwe are now learning the hard way and it is gratifying that the entire PF leadership has spoken out against violence.



Chuundu Chaitwa


THE eyes and ears of the entire nation will be focused on Monze town today. 

For the first time in the history of this country the Tonga people will be meeting in a unique assembly that no other region has called for before.

Naturally there is tremendous curiosity, trepidation and anxiety about the meeting which has been called as result of the sentiments of Davis Chama, general secretary of the ruling Patriotic Front.  It will be unfortunate if the meeting will degenerate into a cultural uprising against other traditional groupings.

But it might be beneficial if it will rise above individuals to articulate a national ethos of peace, reconciliation and harmony of which there can never be too much.



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