Mumbi takes on Nawakwi


FORUM for Democracy and Development (FDD) president Edith Nawakwi is the most undemocratic and dictatorial politician who has failed to go for a convention to uphold her party’s constitution, Patriotic Front (PF) Deputy Secretary General Mumbi Phiri has said.

Ms Phiri said yesterday in an interview that Ms Nawakwi’s mandate to lead the FDD expired a long time ago but was clinging on to power.

She was aware that there was a crisis in the FDD as a result of Ms. Nawakwi’s continued stay at the helm of the party even after her mandate expired, thereby preventing other reasonable and eligible members of the party from leading the opposition political party.

“If she believes in the rule of law, why is she clinging on to that position? Let her allow other people to challenge her.

“We know that members in her party are complaining that she has failed to call for a convention so that a new leadership can be put in place. This is because she is scared of losing her position and that is why she is not even talking about it. We challenge her now to call for a convention so that she can gauge her popularity,” Ms. Mumbi said

She said Ms Nawakwi should stop bragging about her being a fighter of corruption and a representative of the people because she had a bad history  of being involved in the Carlington maize saga which Zambians have not yet forgotten,.

The FDD leader has been quoted saying Zambians were at war with those who were stealing and looting Zambia’s resources.

Ms. Mumbi said Ms. Nawakwi’s continued tantrums were exposing her to be a target for scorn because there was nothing tangible she could brag about her past which was full of scandals that did not befit a person seeking to ascend to the highest office in the land.

She said Ms. Nawakwi should first of all clear her name over alleged involvement in the Carrington maize scandal which was still fresh in the minds of the people.

“Ms. Nawakwi should not forget that her past is still fresh in the minds of most people. She should not forget that in Bemba we say kuchibolya takubula mukaya because we know that her past hasn’t been very good for a person who claims to be a representative of the people.

“We know that she was involved in the Carrington maize mess and she should not even pretend that she is a fighter of corruption. How does she talk about fighting corruption when she has not cleared herself of that mess that she created for herself?,” Ms. Mumba asked

And Ms. Mumbi has advised Ms. Nawakwi to desist from parading herself with those who were suspected of committing crimes because the PF Government had not created any laws but was merely using the existing laws that it inherited from the MMD government where Ms. Nawakwi played a role.

“Who created the laws that we are using today? We have not amended any provisions in the constitution and the constitution we are using is an architect of the MMD to which Ms. Nawakwi played a role when she was in government. So, let her blame the law because we are using the same provisions that they coined to deal with offenders,” she said.

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2 Responses to “Mumbi takes on Nawakwi”

  1. Joseph Banda says:

    Right time for hypocrites to be exposed. I belive this is cause president nawakwi to sober up and reflect

  2. Joseph Banda says:

    President Nawakwis rantings and antics go beyond the call and decoram of cvilized and civil democratic political represantion
    For God and My Country


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