Lungu’s action cheers UPND


PRESIDENT Edgar Lungu has exhibited magnanimity and statesmanship by allowing the meeting called by the people of Southern Province to go ahead unhindered, the United Party for National Development (UPND) has observed.

Special assistant (special duties) to UPND president Hakainde Hichilema Edward Mumbi said while President Lungu had shown magnanimity and gentleman-ship in his leadership, the cadres in the ruling party had continued with their violent behaviour.

Mr Mumbi said President Lungu had risen to the occasion by working at resolving the impasse with the people of Southern Province.

He said it was disappointing that PF party members had continued damaging his good deeds by refusing to accept divergent views.

Mr Mumbi said the violence against Mr Hichilema by suspected PF cadres in Kitwe was uncalled for and it was heartening that the Head of State had come out openly to condemn the acts against the opposition leader.

He said it was sad that the PF cadres were not listening to President Lungu to stop the violence and wondered why the cadres decided to attack Mr Hichilema for meeting his members in Kitwe and blocking him from appearing on a radio programme.

Mr Mumbi appealed to PF cadres and the entire party leadership to help President Lungu to govern and unify the country by refusing the temptation to engage in violent activities against opposition political leaders.

He advised that the PF leadership should not consider opposition political leaders as their enemies, stating that it was important for the leaders in the ruling party to use civil and decent language to other citizens because Zambians were one under the One Zambia One Nation motto.

“President Lungu has shown magnanimity and gentleman-ship by working at resolving the impasse with the people of Southern Province by allowing them to go ahead with their meeting. We are however disheartened that while the President is working at uniting the country and governing in peace, his cadres have continued to perpetrate violence. President Lungu has shown that he is willing to listen to the people and has condemned the attacks on his friend, Mr Hichilema and we would want to hear peaceful messages from all Zambians. Why would anyone attack Mr Hichilema who is merely exercising his rights? My advice to the PF is that they must help President Lungu to govern by using decent and acceptable language to all Zambians,” Mr Mumbi said.

He said tribe was only an identity that should never divide Zambians adding that it was important that people should unite while accepting divergent views.

Mr Mumbi said Zambians irrespective of their political association should be able to interact freely while enjoying their full rights to disagree with each other without resorting to uncouth acts such as violence. He said Zambia was a democracy and that people would always have different opinions but the important thing was for them to accept their differences without hurting each other.


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