National flag must be Zambians’ identity-Masupa

Individuals capitalizing on the “tribal” remarks by PF secretary general Davis Chama to advance tribal sentiments are doing a great disservice to the nation.

Zambians should not be identified by a tribe but by the national flag which should be a symbol of peace and unity, says Independent Churches of Zambia (ICOZ) overseer Bishop David Masupa.

He said the church was disappointed with the way some people wanted to spearhead tribalism to bring division in the country.

Bishop Masupa said remarks made against other tribes should not be used as a tool to worsen the situation in a bid to separate people.

He said President Edgar Lungu was doing his best in ensuring that his Government was all-inclusive.

“The Zambian people are one and nothing will separate them, because just from the word go, the first President Dr Kaunda managed this country through embracing all tribes as one, and that is what we are seeing now under the leadership of President Edgar Chagwa Lungu,” Bishop Masupa said.

He said Zambians do not have time to talk about tribalism but instead more efforts should be made to develop the country.

Bishop Masupa said a tribe had nothing to do with the development of the country.

He cautioned politicians to be careful with how they handled certain issues which had the potential to divide the nation, saying politicians must at all cost avoid promoting tribalism in the country because it has the potential to divide the people.

Bishop Masupa said tribalism should not be entertained or taken to be the topic of the day because Zambians were brought together by the One Zambia One Nation slogan.

He said ordinary Zambians had for a long time lived in harmony and valued friendship.

Bishop Masupa said self-centered individuals who wanted to sow seeds of divisions should be ignored.

“Self-centered individuals should not be allowed to bring confusion and such people should not be listened to. Let’s continue to talk about the issues of development,” he said.

The clergyman said the people of Zambia should help the Government to plan and talk about issues that were bringing development to their lives.

Bishop Masupa said the church should continue to preach peace and unity for the betterment of Zambia.


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