Now ACC targets Christa Kalulu


 THE Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) is planning to arrest newly appointed Local Government Commission (LGC) chairperson Christa Kalulu over an issue that occurred in 2011 in a move designed to portray President Edgar Lungu as a head of State who condones corruption, it has been revealed.

The ACC is said to be pursuing Ms Kalulu in a matter that occurred in 2011 while she was serving as permanent secretary under former president Rupiah Banda in a bid to create an impression that President Lungu had appointed someone with a corruption record.

The Daily Nation has been informed that the commission has since written to President Lungu demanding that the Head of State should reverse the appointment of Ms Kalulu and drop her from her position to pave way for her arrest.

Special assistant to the President for press and public relations Amos Chanda when contacted responded: “Who told you that?” and declined to give any comment on the matter.

ACC acting director general Irene Lamba said the Commission did not take interviews or comment on queries on phone and asked that a press query be written.

Ms Kalulu, however, said she was not aware that she had become a target of the ACC over a matter that occurred four years ago and expressed surprise that the commission had resurrected a matter that was dealt with in 2011.

It has been revealed that the Commission allegedly under instructions from people outside Government and fighting the presidency and the ruling Patriotic Front (PF) were planning to apply pressure on the ACC to effect an arrest on Ms Kalulu in a scheme to scandalize the Government and the Head of State.

Two months ago, the ACC wrote President Lungu that the Commission was investigating his special assistant for politics Kaizer Zulu whom they had accused of having received US$200 000 from a Chinese contractor and the letter was leaked to the media before it could reach the Head of State.

ACC director Rosewin Wandi later said the allegations against Mr Zulu were unsubstantiated and apologized to President Lungu about the leaked letter.

And now Ms Kalulu has become a target over a matter that occurred four years ago and Ms Kalulu wondered why the commission could not conduct their investigations before she was appointed to head the Local Government Commission. “There is a scheme to arrest the newly appointed Local Government Commission chairperson Christa Kalulu in a move that is meant to undermine and embarrass President Lungu. For some unknown reasons, Ms Kalulu has become a target of the ACC on a matter that occurred four years ago when she served as permanent secretary under former president Rupiah Banda. The ACC has even written to President Lungu demanding that Ms Kalulu should be dropped from her position so that she could be arrested. Obviously the motive is to create an impression that the President is appointing people with corruption records. This is part of the scheme in the continued fight against President Lungu and his Government,” the source said.

The ACC has exhibited inertia to investigate the disappearance of the US$4.2 million loan obtained by the defunct Zambian Airways and has failed to account for the plundered Tedworth Properties apart from being unable to take possession which were illegally seized and currently illegally domiciled at the Bank of Zambia (BoZ)

And Ms Kalulu told the Daily Nation that she was not worried about her impending arrest because she had not done anything wrong and would wait for the due process of the law to take its course.

She said her concentration and focus was to deliver to the best expectations of President Lungu who had given her the responsibility to run an institution whose mandate was to improve the living conditions of the people.

She however wondered how a file from 2011 could suddenly be on the desk of the ACC four years later and coming soon after her appointment.

“I have no idea that I am being targeted by the ACC and I am surprised that there is such a plan. I know there was an issue in 2011 and nothing came of it. The ACC should have been pursuing me when I left Government but to dig a file from four years ago is a bit surprising. They should have done this before my appointment but in this kind of political environment, you could probably expect such things. But my focus is the country and I do not want to be distracted because the President has given me a responsibility and I want to deliver to the best of my abilities,” Ms Kalulu said.


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