Nchito in another death poser


 A CORONER in the inquest of the mysterious death of a South African businessman based in Zambia Mervin Kaufman, has ordered the arrest of Peggy Maleka Kaufman and  her sister, Emily Ngosa Maleka, and has demanded that the Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) and the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) immediately commence investigations into how all the medical officers who handled the matter conducted themselves.

In this matter, suspended Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Mutembo Nchito entered a nolle prosequi against the two murder suspects, Peggy Maleka and her sister Emily.

Mr Nchito entered a nolle prosequi in favour of Peggy who was the wife of Mr Kaufman and her sister Emily.

But Chingola coroner David Chibwili has ordered for the arrest of the two sisters as they were the prime suspects.

A Chingola businessman, James Mwee wrote several letters to Mr Nchito while he was serving as DPP demanding that Peggy and Emily should be fully prosecuted but the suspended DPP opted to enter a nolle prosequi in favour of the two sisters when they were the prime suspects in the death of Mr Kaufman.

Mr Mwee, who is the chief executive officer of Trans-Aim Engineering Ltd in Chingola, had copied his letters of complaint against Mr Nchito to former president Michael Sata, former vice-president Guy Scott and former Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba but none of them responded to his complaint.

In one of the letters to Mr Nchito, Mr Mwee complained that the two murder suspects knew about their nolle prosequi days before their release.

In a letter dated 28th July, 2013, Mr Mwee wrote to Mr Nchito: “I am reliably informed that the two murder suspects Peggy Maleka Kaufman and Emily Ngosa Maleka who are charged with the murder of Mervin Kaufman are due to be released this Thursday, August 1st, 2013 or as soon as  documents come back from the DPP’s office. If this information is true, how did this information leak to the public and how did the accused and their family know in advance that a nolle would be entered in their favour on the material day?” Mr Mwee wondered.

But Mr Mwee did not get a response from Mr Nchito and the suspects were released on the exact date that was speculated, raising further suspicions.

And last month, Chingola Resident Magistrate David Chibwili, sitting as coroner in the inquest of the late Mr Kaufman ordered the thorough investigations of the mysterious death of the businessman and the nolle prosequi that was entered in favour of the two murder suspects.

Magistrate Chibwili has also ordered that the 13 medicalHofficers at Nchanga South Mine hospital should be investigated and that their bank accounts should equally be probed for illicit transactions during the period the two suspects were in jail and their eventual release after a nolle was entered in their favour.

Mr Kaufman was the director of three companies, Car-Tech, Kauf-Tech and Kaufman Zambia Limited while his wife Peggy Maleka was the co-director of the companies. He died on 24th November, 2012 and police found his manhood sliced off.

Coroner Chibwili in his ruling after the inquest ordered: “Peggy Maleka deliberately tried to cover up the truth from those close to Mr Kaufman. Mr Kaufman died in Chingola, his body was later transferred to Kitwe and he was buried in Kabwe where he had no relatives or anyone close to him. The police must immediately arrest Peggy Maleka as a prime suspect and investigations must be extended to all the 13 medical officers in the matter and their financial transaction during the period. There must also be investigations on how the suspects were released,” he ruled.

Coroner Chibwili said although the case had been delayed, he was of the view that justice should be done regardless of time and ordered that all the culprits should be arrested and be brought to book.

After Peggy and her sister were released, Mr Mwee again wrote to Mr Nchito demanding to know the circumstances under which the two suspects were discharged stating that he was shocked that the suspects had advance information about their discharge and adequately prepared for their release from jail on 1st August, 2013.

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One Response to “Nchito in another death poser”

  1. Merilyn Kaufman says:

    NOW the question remains: WHEN will these murderers be arrested, as per the magistrate’s instructions?? This has been ongoing for so long, and it is time for justice to be done and the culprits to be brought to book!!


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