THE Patriotic Front must start sieving and identifying genuine members who are capable of holding the party together ahead of the 2016 general elections, former district leader Benja Siwela has said.

In an interview, Mr. Siwela said it was sad that some officials were being used to plot against the PF ahead of the elections next year.

“I am saddened with this development where our members want to auction the party at grassroots level because of the love of money. They have allowed to be used by our enemies and have become moles in the PF and are in the forefront scheming the downfall of the party which we worked so hard to build and finally form government,” said Mr. Siwela.

He said it was now time for the party leadership at all levels to begin sieve and identify people who would genuinely work towards defending the party in power ahead of the general elections.

The Zambia Republican Party (ZRP) president Wright King Musona revealed that the PF was not safe as the cartel that held former president Michael Sata hostage and almost hijacked State power was still active and aggressively plotting to dethrone President Edgar Lungu in the 2016 general elections.

Mr Musona said the ruling party should not be comfortable that it was in power because the forces that have been formed against them were immense such that if not broken, there was a danger that the ruling party could easily be dethroned.

He said that the vengeance and retribution that was witnessed during the presidency of former president Sata would be nothing should the cartel manage to install its own puppet leader into State House.

He warned that the cartel was going to use any means in their powers to ensure that President Lungu and the PF do not continue governing country and it was therefore critical for the ruling party to dismantle the clique.

Mr Musona said Zambia was much safer under President Lungu and that should the PF fail to decisively deal with members of the cartel that were still in all key positions in critical Government institutions, then big problems should be expected.

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