Edith, watch your mouth


Allow me space in your wonderful paper to advise the FDD leader Edith Nawakwi that it won’t help her by attacking the Head of State whenever she opens her mouth. Does it mean whatever the President does is all wrong? Please let the Head of State work; your time will come.

 Lawrence Tembo, Lusaka


Solve CBU problems


The impasse that has rocked the Copperbelt University and ultimately leading to premature closure of the second highest learning institution should be resolved expeditiously. There has been a standoff between the academic union and the vice chancellor, Professor Naison Ngoma of late. The standoff is what has led to the early closure of the university. This will affect the academic calendar and particularly students in the examination classes. This is unfair on the part of the students and the solution should be found soon.

Elemiya Phiri, Lusaka


One Zambia One Nation motto


In 50 years of Zambia’s sovereignty we successfully crafted the One Zambia One nation motto but have we walked the talk? Arguably no, hence we have crisis of ownership of the spirit of one Zambia. It’s the business of incumbent political leadership to try and make all Zambians feel the ownership of that standard bearing, and ensure we walk the talk. KK to that effect even created a ministry. What is the position of PF Government?

Eric Nawa, Chongwe 



Women should pray for mother Zambia


My fellow Christian women let us stand and pray for Zambia. The devil has risen in the leadership, how they can gang up and start going to witch doctors because they want presidential positions? It is really sad. Let us pray and break this evil spirit of confusion.

Mercy Mphanza.



Andrew Banda missed the point


The remarks by Andrew Banda made in the Post newspaper of Friday 10th July, 2015 cannot go without being challenged. May I appeal to Andrew Banda to stop misleading Zambian people by telling them to vote out the PF simply because the party has allowed some MMD to join it and because only a clique of people enjoy at the expense of majority Zambians. Andrew you are a cadre who does not know Zambian politics. When MMD came in power in 1991 members from the then UNIP joined it. So what is wrong with PF accommodating MMD? 2016 is around the corner wait as PF will wire your tribalist party UPND. Your hatred for Edgar Lungu will not help you in anyway.

I.P Banda, Lusaka




President Lungu should fire underperforming diplomats


The recent concerns raised by the Republican President Edgar Lungu regarding under performance by some foreign diplomats are serious. One notable thing about these diplomats is that they are deployed to foreign missions to serve the country rather than to go there to relax and consequently enjoy tax payers money. These diplomats are maintained at a great cost. To rent house accommodation for a diplomat, the Government pays between K30, 000 and K35, 000 per month in addition to remuneration and other incentives. It is good that the President will act on this matter.

Elemiya Phiri, Lusaka



Nawakwi and her negative attitude


Why is it that Nawakwi only sees the wrong part of other people? She should take time and look at her approach in offering checks and balances to the Government. How can a person just concentrate on the negative part? When someone does well let’s appreciate them and encourage them.

T.Chilembu, Lusaka


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