My wife sleeps in a pair of trousers

A 28-year-old man told a Local Court in Lusaka that his wife sleeps in a pair of trousers to deny him conjugal rights.

This is in a case in which Gabriel Kaputa of Kamwala South sued his wife, Vanessa Mwale, 27, of Kuomboka for reconciliation.

The two got married in 2009 and have two children.

Kaputa told Senior Court Magistrate Kalunga Chansa sitting with Magistrate Mubukwanu Matakala at Chawama Local Court that he enjoyed his married life for only one year.

Kaputa told the court the court that in 2010 Mwale went to the farm and  overstayed. Each time he phoned her a man answered and shouted at him.

He explained that when Mwale finally returned home she told him that it was her cousin who answered the phone but thereafter Mwale started sleeping in a pair of trousers to deny him sex.

Kaputa further stated that Mwale used to be found with a bachelor neighbor and boasted there was nothing he could do even if he caught her red handed commiting adultery.

“I told Mwale that I can kill  both her and the man. She continued sleeping in a pair of trousers and openly told me that she has no feelings for me,

“ When she consents to sex she would tell me to do it quickly and to tell her when I finish,” said Kaputa.

Kaputa said that they have been on separation for seven months and that when he calls Mwale she does not come, adding that he was worried because children  have stopped going to school although he was able to pay for them.

In cross-examination, Kaputa said that he threatened Mwale when she said that there was nothing he could do if he finds her with a man in bed.

In defence, Mwale said that Kaputa was so jealous that he did not want her to talk to neighbors.

Mwale further stated that she went to stay with her mother because Kaputa chased her from the matrimonial home and threatened to kill her.

In submission, Kaputa said that he wanted to reconcile with Mwale but his wife refused to reconcile with her husband because he had threatened to kill her.

Passing judgment, Magistrate Chansa said that Kaputa wanted reconciliation but Mwale doesn’t want.

He said that the court cannot force them to stay together and advised any one of them to sue for divorce.

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