Is it the devil’s work at ZESCO?

WITH all due respect to his statement defending his efforts as the Energy Minister to rehabilitate ZESCO’s dismal reputation, Chistopher Yaluma candidly or inadvertently or perhaps a combination of the two admitted  that ‘Government, have since put a halt to exports of electricity’ (Daily Nation July 10, 2015).

However, the Energy Minister does not disclose where else ZESCO would import the 200 megawatts shortfall to totally cover the 300 megawatts deficit after getting 100 megawatts of electricity from Mozambique, but one supposes no other country in the SADC region would risk to do that as the whole region experienced drought in the just ended rain season.

It’s a pity then that no timelines were disclosed for the completion of the rehabilitation of the Kariba North Bank and the Lunzua Dam hydro power projects.

Meanwhile, ZESCO’s unplanned 10 to 12 hours load-shedding continues unabated under its new top management, which incidentally was recently appointed by the Energy Minister himself.

Disappointingly, it failed to inform him in time about the low water levels in Kariba and Itezhi-Tezhi dams. Yet he’s failed to see any ineptitude and incompetence in this oversight.

Common sense suggests that the Energy Minister’s damage-control for ZESCO is mostly a cover-up for the company’s poor management style and

what is more profound is his refusal or inability to see that what he’s doing is unacceptable and a betrayal to public trust.

No matter how much he would try to accentuate the positive, he still can’t hide the fact that he struck a bargain with the devil by firing Cyprian Chitundu as ZESCO’s managing director. Is it the devil’s work at ZESCO now? Probably.

Zambia deserves better than this and we should bring great minds into ZESCO and change our country’s energy landscape.

We have great solar energy potential and yet we have managers in ZESCO who don’t believe in themselves but put their faith in the political ruling elite.

Concerned citizen.

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