Head teacher divorced for denying his wife conjugal rights

A HEAD teacher of  Kaoma who has been denying his wife conjugal rights for eleven months has been  divorced in a Lusaka local court.

This is a case in which Mildah Musanje, 39, a teacher of Kaoma, sued her husband, Mwana Mwanangolo, 49, for divorce.

The two got married in 2011 and have one child.

Musanje told Senior Court Magistrate Kalunga Chansa sitting at Chawama Local Court that she enjoyed her marriage for the first two months but got surprised wih her husband who threatened to leave home each time she asked for sex.

She was equally shocked when Mwanangolo told her that they should be contributing 50percent each for house keeeping.

She explained that one day Mwanangolo’s first wife came home  and made a lot of noise.

“She  forced herself into the bedroom and sat on bed and said he cannot divorce her,” she said

Musanje added that the woman left crying after Mwanangolo showed her his new marriage certificate.

However Mwanangolo started coming home betweeon 01.00 and 02.00 hours and the situation  got worse.

“In 2012 I was pregnant I told him to buy clothes for the baby but he refused. He only bought me two Chitenge materials when I gave birth despite me buying him shirts and pairs of trousers even helping his parents and the two children from his previous marriage,

“ Later I heard that he was having an affair with a woman who troubled me when I was pregnant and in 2013 he wrote me a divorce letter and I spotted him talking with the same woman.,” she said

She said in 2014 he told her that she was not the person he wanted and that  it was his parents who forced her on him.

She explained that they were later transferred to a small school in Kaoma.

Musanje further stated that from August 2014 Mwanangolo has been denying her conjugal rights and sleeps in shorts adding that when he asks him to make love he says he will shift from home.

“Mwanangolo stays home for two days and he tells me that he has a nice woman who he dances with when they are drinking beer. He doesn’t answer my calls,” said Musanje.

In defence, Mwanangolo said that in 2011 when he divorced his first wife she married Musanje and that he found her with two kids.

He explained that after three weeks he noticed lack of courtesy and culture in her.

Mwanangolo said his wife discussed bedroom issues on a bus and that a person who heard her later informed him.

Mwanangolo further stated that Musanje did not like his  children from his previous marriage.

“When we were transferred to a small school I told her that if she won’t change she will not stay with me. Little did I know that she was quarrelling with female members of the staff at school because of jealousy?” h e said

In submission, Musanje said that she cannot force herself to stay with Mwanangolo when he does not want her and that he has already written her two divorce letters which she produced in court. Mwanangolo said that he will be happy to be granted divorce.

Passing judgment, Magistrate Chansa said that both Musanje and Mwanangolo have experience of marriage from prrevious their marriages.  He warned Mwanangolo that the problem of marital affairs will be a big problem for him if he does not change.

He said that the court cannot force them to stay together when they don’t want and granted the couple divorce without compensation because both of them are working. Mwanangolo was however ordered to be paying child maintenance fee of K300 per month. Property acquired together to be shared equally.


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