Govt should safeguard youths employment

I WRITE to implore Government to protect the welfare our many Zambian youths who get employed in the private sector.

It is a well known factor that Government on its own has no capacity to employ all the youths in Zamabia but have to partner with private sector in this cause. It has however become an effort in futility for many Zambian youths who get employed in the private sector where there is no job security.

Government should take keen interest in that many of its youths get employed without any written conditions of service, not to mention engagement letters by most employers.

This has always made these employers cash big on these vulnerable Youths on savings when these Youths leave employment in search of either greener pastures or to further their education careers.

Most of times many youths  leave their salaries behind because their employers refuse to pay them for the days worked because of lack of Government protection.

Where as their work stoppage is sometimes abrupt due to unforeseen circumstances, most employers have always taken advantage of this for not giving them 30 days notice when in fact they are not also given any conditions of service when starting work.

These are many employers who have not even helped these youths by registering with NAPSA as a means of saving for their meager salaries.

Many culprits in this category are mushrooming private schools, lodges and ther hospitality industry among others.

Let the department of Legal and Social Welfare of the Judiciary take interest in this to help  youths claim what they have worked for.

Let NAPSA also use its inspectors in most of the districts and towns compel employers to  be compliant with Government statutory requirement of registration so that these youths can start saving.


Concerned Zambian


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