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SOME gullible opposition leaders have been recruited to unknowingly champion the cause of the Rainbow Party which is using the Post Newspaper as its propaganda outlet.

And opposition leaders Edith Nawakwi and Mike Mulongoti have been challenged to hold popular conventions to mandate them as they are championing an opposition cause without authority of their members.

Meanwhile chief Government spokesperson Chishimba Kambwili has charged that Edith Nawakwi is being used by the propaganda tool and image builder of Wynter Kabimba and his Rainbow Party to destroy the image of President Edgar Lungu and the Patriotic Front (PF),

And Patriotic Front (PF) member Father Frank Bwalya has said Anglican  priest Father Richard Luonde is championing a narrow, misplaced agenda of the cartel to portray that Mutembo Nchito was suspended to pave way for the acquital of former President Rupiah Banda.

The Post Newspaper has also been carrying full and verbatim stories of Rainbow deputy secretary general Coasmas Musumali in its propaganda campaign to market the socialist ideas of the opposition political party.

Mr Kambwili said Ms Nawakwi had been recruited into a group of people being used to slander and demonise President Lungu and the PF with the hope of making their progeny, Kabimba president of the country.

He said it was hypocrisy of the worst kind for Ms Nawakwi and some other opposition political party leaders to criticize President Lungu’s foreign trips when three years ago Zambia was being isolated because former president Michael Sata was not interacting with other leaders in the region.

Mr Kambwili who is Information and Broadcasting Minister said it was unfortunate that Ms Nawakwi who is the president of the opposition Forum for Development and Democracy (FDD) had accepted to be used as a pawn in the political game which was meant to build the image of Mr Kabimba and the Rainbow Party.

He told the Daily Nation yesterday that President Lungu was being invited by his counterparts and that it was important for the Head of State to revamp diplomatic relations with other countries for Zambia continue benefiting from the economic and political interaction from her neighbours.

Mr Kambwili said the people who were criticizing President Lungu were the same people who complained that Zambia was being isolated in the last three years because former president Sata was considered unfriendly.

He said President Lungu’s foreign trips were not only meant to strengthen diplomatic relations but were also good for the economic and political relations with other countries.

“Ms Nawakwi is being used to destroy the image of President Lungu and the PF while building Wynter Kabimba and his Rainbow Party. We know that some opposition political parties have been assembled to demonise President Lungu with the hope of making Mr Kabimba president and it is unfortunate that Ms Nawakwi has accepted to be used as a pawn in a political game designed to market the Rainbow Part and its leader. Ms Nawawki will stop being a source once this objective is achieved,” Mr Kambwili said.

And Fr Bwalya said in an interview yesterday that Fr Luonde’s statement as reported in the Post newspaper had nothing to do with Mr Rupiah Banda’s acquital but about defending Mr Nchito.

“So suspended Anglican priest Fr Luonde should not parade his ignorance, I am also challenging him to come out in the open as a member of Rainbow Party, who is championing the agenda of the cartel. Why is he being quoted only as Anglican priest when he has been suspended, for now he is just a member of the Rainbow Party?

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