Gallant Youths foresee opposition failure

THE opposition political parties have failed to sell their manifestos to the electorate hence their failure to win by-elections, says Gallant Youth in Zambia executive director Henry Mulenga.

He said the opposition parties were headed for extinction because they have concentrated much on politics of vengeance at the expense of selling their manifestos to voters.

Mr Mulenga said the popularity of any party in Zambia could only be proved through the ballot in that people were able to choose what was good for them.

“We don’t have an opposition political party that could remove the Patriotic Front in power because they have failed to convince the electorate out there,” he said.

Mr Mulenga said the only time the opposition was heard was when they were issuing bitter statements which had nothing to do with the development of the nation.

He said it would be difficult to remove the PF from power with unconstructive statements from the opposition.

Mr Mulenga said the opposition political parties should be able to provide an alternative policy framework on issues of national interest and stop being reactive without giving a solution.

He said opposition politicians had run out of real issues that were affecting the citizens, saying such failure would cost them next year when the country holds general elections.

Currently there was no political party that was as strong as the ruling party.

“The PF party performed well at a time when they were in the opposition, and this time there is no opposition political party that can kick out the PF, looking at the way the opposition political parties are conducting themselves,” he said.

Mr Mulenga advised the opposition political parties to support President Edgar Lungu to develop the nation, adding that his works were visible and could be seen by all Zambians.

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