‘Give back RB immunity’

FORMER president Rupiah Banda should be given back his immunity after the courts of law acquitted him on a charge of abuse of authority of his office, former Zambian diplomat to Nigeria has demanded.

Commenting on the acquittal of former president Banda, former first secretary for politics and administration Christine Phiri said courts should not be used to settle political scores to fix certain individuals perceived to be political opponents.

Ms. Phiri said former president Banda should be given back his immunity after his acquittal by the courts of law on allegations of corruption and abuse of office. She said Mr. Banda was not corrupt and did not deserve to be treated as a criminal in the manner the cartel were treating him. “If a person is clean, he is clean and therefore the courts found President Banda clean so why should we deny him his immunity,” Ms Phiri said.

She said Zambians should learn lessons from the evil plot to prosecute former heads of states by evil people whose desire was to instill fear in leaders. Ms. Phiri said it was shameful that people behind the evil scheme had gone to lengths to even import foreign thugs as fighters of corruption.

“People behind this scheme of removing RB immunity, organised thugs from Nigeria and brought them to Zambia where they started saying Nigerians wanted their money which the former President got from the government to government Nigeria oil deal worth US$2.5million. Those people are not known in Nigeria, they are just thugs they picked and paid to come and scandalize the former president and to make Zambia look as if it was a corrupt country,” he said. Ms. Phiri said it was shameful that the same people after losing the case in the courts of law had continued scandalizing him by calling the former head of state corrupt.

She said former President Banda did not deserve to be mistreated as he was not corrupt. “Taking former heads of state to Court is shameful. RB deserves better. Remember that it was the corrupt cartel that had issues with the MMD Government then and supported the PF president Michael Sata?

They are the ones that wanted to fix RB. They smeared anyone who supported RB with corruption. It is therefore, prudent that former president Banda is given back his immunity after the acquittal,” said Ms. Phiri. She said Courts should not be used for criminal activities, a trend the cartel had exhibited in a long time.

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