Zesco power imports

In as much as I agree with sentiments expressed and the decision by Minister of Mines, Energy and Water Development Christopher Yaluma  to import between 150 to 200 megawatts (MW) of electricity as a short-term measure to help cushion the power deficit arising from poor rains and low water levels in the main reservoirs for electricity generation, I take serious exceptions to his comments about ZESCO and working with developers at the 300MW Maamba coal power plant to mitigate power outages.

Unwittingly, the minister did not mention any other sources of power in the medium to long-term measures. Was he insinuating that Zambia had no potential to generate solar and wind power?

In order to realize our shared and national green energy vision of attaining a better life for all Zambians, it is crucial to find answers to questions such as:

What are the fundamental renewable energy objectives and goals that we are trying to achieve, both at the regional and country levels?

What are the key elements of our concentrated solar power plants, integrated wind/hydro and rural electrification strategy towards those objectives and goals?

How have ZESCO and Maamba coal power plant fared with regard to the rural electrification strategy?

What are and what have been the most significant obstacles in power generation and distribution, and how shall we deal with them?

Going forward,  what successes and failures do we draw from the past years? How do we sustain the energy related important progress of the last decades?

What are the renewable energy big strategic needs and opportunities available at the African Development Bank and Clean Technology Fund?

The full meaning of Zambian freedom will not be realized until all Zambians enjoy a better life, free from the festering scars of unemployment, poverty, lack of shelter, disease, ignorance, despair, crime,  the absence of sufficient electricity and renewable energy systems.

Lest we forget: Governments that put green growth at the heart of development can achieve sustainable economic growth and social stability, safeguard the environment, and conserve resources for future generations.

Concerned citizen



HH’s  lamentations

HH’S continued accusations that the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) stole his votes and gave them to the PF candidate president Lungu are  questionable.

If there is any elections that was more transparent was this year’s presidential election.

What HH is saying could only happen if his own agents helped to steal votes because all agents from all political parties sign on results slips after verification.

HH will continue to lose elections owing to the fact that he looks down on other leaders and electorates,  how can Zambians vote for someone who thinks he is the most intelligent, visionary and the richest?

Even the bible says that God shall humble the proud and exhort the humble. That is why Edgar Lungu will beat all his opponents next year.

The man is very intelligent, visionary, and educated but humble. What kind of leaders who spend 90% of the day engaging in falsehoods and 10% sleeping ? Meaning that they have no time to contribute to national development.

It is for that reason that the majority Zambians think HH, Nawakwi, and Milupi are just detractors . HH should stop and reflect on how to improve his political misfortune.

He should start explaining his party’s manifesto if there is one because of late, the emphasis has been HH and not his party’s programme on how the it intends to bring the change he so claims.

I appeal to both the SDA and bishop Telesphor Mpundu to counsel HH before the country is plunged into uncontrollable violence due to careless talk and other opposition political party leaders.

I’m looking forward to day when political party leaders  will be able to sit on the table and reach consensus on important national issues such as the constitution making. Petty talks of vote stealing will incite cadres to violence.

President Edgar Lungu is forward looking, it does not matter to him where a brilliant idea is coming from, I wonder why his opponents don’t offer him advice but opt to be used.

Zambians are resolved to give Edgar Lungu a full term of 5 year after realising that he is what zambia needed at this time of opportunism and confusion.

Majority Zambians are happy that he has managed to restore sanity to the governance of this country. God shall protect him so that he achieves his vision for a more united zambia.

Enock chulu



PF victory

Allow me space in your paper to congratulate the ruling Patriotic Front on scooping all the three constituencies in the just ended by elections.

The race in Mulobezi was not an easy one and as such I wish to applaud all the participating parties for giving the PF a good run for their money.

However I am saddened by the voter apathy which is slowly becoming a cancer in the Zambian Politics.

It is either the people have lost interest in voting or there was little or no voter education.

If people just decided not to vote ,then they must not complain because the few who voted decided on their behalf.

The voter education must not be left to ECZ or political parties alone but must  be the concern for all well meaning Zambians starting from parents through the churches down to the schools.

We are all affected by the decisions made by few individuals hence it is time the people realised the importance of voting in any election.

The people of these constituencies that had no representation for close to 3 years but  opted top shun away from exercising their right of vote,maybe they feel better off without an MP.

May we see a drastic change in 2016 or else we may have a president voted in by his relatives and friends!

Don’t complain if you will not vote.



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