Mbundas, Nkoyas talk tough


Government should stop the anarchy in Western Province. The situation in the region if left unchecked will soon result into a war which you may fail to handle. Don’t forget that the moment Mbundas and Nkoyas merge the Lozi may flee from Western Province.

Concerned Prince






Accept results of the three by elections


The country witnessed three parliamentary by elections in Malambo, Mulobezi and Petauke on Tuesday June 30. These by elections were caused as a result of nullification of parliamentary seats due to electoral malpractice. To the electorate please accept the outcome of the by elections. This is the tenet of democracy

Elemiya Phiri, Lusaka






 President Lungu should solve problems in Western Province   


President Lungu is sitting on a time bomb. Let the three Royal Establishments be recognized individually not through the Litunga. What is so special about him compared to Gawa Undi and Mpezeni? Do they intimidate other chiefs? It is high time Government tamed the Litunga.







Mulongoti missed the point


President Lungu since taking over power has always preached national unity. In a short time he managed to reduce tension which nearly pushed this nation to the  brink of civil war. No doubt that Mike Mulongoti purely misunderstood his ‘wako ni wako’ statement. It was meant to be political and not tribal statement. It is like I am made to choose between HH and Guy Scott, obvious wanga ni Scott because I am PF. Besides all the candidates in Malambo where the president made the statement are ‘locals’ of the same tribe. Maybe Ba Mike you got a raw deal but let’s build the nation together. Wishing your friend whom you supported ill is not the way.

Samuel Nyirenda







Nawakwi a disgruntled loser


Madam Nawakwi I had a lot of respect for you when we were together in Parliament but now I no longer have it because you are nothing but just a reactionary element. You are not proactive any more. Your attacks on the President are nothing but sour grapes following your unsuccessful bid for plot one. You have chosen to be a hired gun by teaming with other disgruntled haters. Let me tell you that you will always be on the touch line if you don’t abandon the crusade of yours. Come next year it is PF again. We voted for Edgar and we will vote for him again. He is humble while you are not.

P.M Zulu, Chadiza







Stop sponsoring soccer


Please may the authorities that be stop sponsoring football and channel all the monies to hire tankers to ferry water into Zambezi River to boost water levels. Load shedding twachula na bola ukulusa chachila.



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