UPND’s electoral bashing

Even though tranquility characterized the mood, as the electorate of Petauke Central, Mulobezi and Malambo parliamentary constituencies cast their votes, but the UPND emerged an all round loser, while the PF was victorious  in all the constituencies.

There has been a growing awareness that Hakainde Hichilema’s grip onto the UPND presidency was slipping after the January 20 presidential loss revealed the extent of party rifts over whether he should continue as the opposition party’s president regardless of him being branded as a presidential serial loser. The resignation of the party’s vice president Richard Kapita from the UPND this year was a symptom of this fragility at the top.

With this knowledge, and under general membership pressure,.unsurprisingly, UPND top honchos have had to change campaign tactics by opting to electoral violence in Mulobezi when they sensed an inevitable loss. Despite all appearances to the contrary, perhaps UPND have set in motion an exit strategy for its incumbent president in order for the party to remain relevant in Zambian politics. Most political observers are not holding their breath.

Rural voters in Petauke Central, Mulobezi and Malambo constituencies did not see the UPND, with roots in tribal politics and violence, as a viable governing alternative, and recognizable Zambian nationwide party.

So rather than risk unpredictable outcomes, the electorate’s preference on June 30, undoubtedly, was for the ruling party’s candidates, whilst continuing to turn a blind eye to UPND’s electoral bashing.

Mubanga Luchembe,



CBU strikes not necessary

It is the Government’s  desire to ensure that  students at the   Copperbelt University follow laid down procedure whenever there is a  misunderstanding at the campus and there was no need for students to involve themselves in a riotous behaviour citing that they are not learning due to the unionised lecturers who have boycotted teaching sessions.

It was unfortunate that the students took the law into their own hands by rioting and disturbing the peace at CBU and nearby surroundings.

I totally condemn the behaviour of the students because it is unacceptable for them to resort to unorthodox ways of resolving conflicts. The union leaders should have resolved the issue on a round table not by burning tyres on the road and blocking innocent motorists    on Jambo Drive in Riverside.

All the  students who were involved in the riotous behaviour by burning of tyres on Jambo Drive will be brought to book once they are discovered because Zambia is a haven of peace it does not belong to some few  selfish individuals who wants to disturb the peace  of the country especially at  CBU.

The Copperbelt Students Union COBUSU should provide quality leadership to their fellow students at the campus by resolving issues amicably because they are the future leaders of the nation.

Let me commend the Police for executing their duties in a professional way by halting the riot yesterday in a peaceful manner and by protecting both private and public from being damaged or looted by the irate students.

315 students were arrested and screened at various Police stations in Kitwe after being charged with offence likely to cause the breach of peace.

After the screening exercise students were made to pay the admission of guilt amounting to K50 per person.

In total more than K15 000 was paid for the students by family members and  the COBUSU executive members after they were released by the Police at different Police stations dotted across the city.

However calm has returned to CBU and  I am appealing to the students to remain patient as their issue will be resolved soon through a round table and rushing to the media to air their grievances is not the solution.

Warm regards, Work Well and GOD be with You Always.

Chanda KABWE

0966 82 64 22

Kitwe District



Presidential term debate

It is interesting how some Zambians want to take the constitutional legal matters in their own hands.

Despite the urgent need to change the current constitution to a people driven one, the tenure of office for a Zambian Republican President is clearly stated unless for the sake of comedy or otherwise.

One wonders then how the three gentlemen  are advancing for continuity of President Edgar Lungu’s term have concocted their understanding.

Are we having other Constitutional law lectures in the night or what?

Anyway, someone once said you can make a name by doing something ambiguous and I should think this is it.

Parliament tenure ends next year after five years and so is the Presidential tenure of office.

Wisdom Muyunda



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