HOLDING of a convention in the MMD to elect leaders before 2016 general elections is a must for the party to have a rejuvenated agenda for the country, party spokesperson Raphael Nakachinda has said.

In an interview with the Daily Nation, Mr. Nakachinda explained that the party and its leadership would not abrogate the party constitution to either accommodate detractors or any individual, adding that the MMD believed in constitutionalism.

Mr. Nakachinda explained that the only thing the MMD would not do was to abrogate the constitution to accommodate detractors who have been talking about holding a convention the past four years only for the purpose of trying to deal with party president Dr. Nevers Mumba who was just an individual.

“MMD is a party which is strong on constitutionalism and the rule of law; we have for ourselves rules and regulations and a constitution we can never abrogate. And we cannot abrogate these rules and regulations,” he said.

Mr. Nakachinda said the party would subject the leadership from lower organs to the national executive committee to a fresh mandate.

“We are not putting new people in positions. What we are doing is that we are subjecting the leadership of the party from lower organs to seek a fresh mandate. For instance where the membership feels that somebody was not effective, of course they may choose or elect another person.

“That is the process that develops from the lover organ through to the national executive committee which also includes the president. So the convention for MMD is not just to elect the president of the party, it deals with so many issues and election of the leaders is just part of that,” he said. He said the past few months had been difficult for the party to offer credible checks and balances against the PF Government because of the rough patch the party was going through.

Mr. Nakachinda said he was happy that with the genuine reconciliation process the MMD undertook in resolving problems, Zambians should have a reason to give the former ruling party another chance to govern.

“We are almost done with resolving problems in the MMD and building on the reconciliation so that we come to an agreement to be united and work in a cohesive manner and we want to demonstrate that in the months ahead of the 2016 general election. The MMD still remains a political party that still believes in democracy which we practice ourselves,” he said.

Mr. Nakachinda noted that the MMD would not be riotous in providing checks and balances like other political parties were doing.


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