Politicians should keep their promises


It is sad that most of our politicians are only seen during campaign time. Once we vote for them they disappear. I think our leaders should find time to visit the people who voted for them into office. Our leaders should also fulfill the promises they make. The people who help you to go up are very important because you will need them one day.

W. N, Lusaka.



Let us fight GBV


The problem of gender based violence (GBV) should not be condoned regardless of the perpetrator. The ugly face of GBV is commonly referred to take various forms such as sexual, physical, verbal to mention but a few. The vice of GBV has in most cases resulted in death of the victim, physically disability and psychological disorder. The main perpetrators of the vice used to be men and victims were women. Things nowadays have taken a twist as some women are perpetrators of the vice. The victims should report GBV cases to the police for action.  

Elemiya Phiri, Lusaka.


We need each other


We need the old, middle and younger groups in society to co-exist for purposes of experience, skills and wisdom exchange. Please my dear fellow patriotic Zambians, may we really work together. God had reasons to place us in this beloved nation.

Pastor Prince M. kabala, Lusaka.




ZESCO should balance load shedding


I am appealing to ZESCO management to come up with a balanced load shedding schedule so that we are not inconvenienced. There are some places where load shedding is properly done. In Kalingalinga we had no power from 12.00 to-21.00 hours hours starting from Monday. In the past it used to be Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday but now it has become an every day affair.

Jackson Tembo, Lusaka.



Dr. Kaseba’s eviction


The issue of Dr. Kaseba should not be politicized. My appeal to Government is that they should come up with a lasting solution to this problem and that is finding our former first lady permanent accommodation and not this issue of renting. Renting has proved to be expensive and the money that they have spent so far is enough to build her a house. Please let us not put politics in such sensitive issues. Those in leadership today should not forget that they are enjoying the labor of her late husband M.H.S.R.I.P.

Maureen Phiri, Kafue.



Opposition parties should be organized


There is need for the opposition political parties to be organized ahead of the 2016 general elections. The elections are around the corner and time to think of forming serious alliances is now. The problem is that they will begin to think of forming alliances few months before the elections are held which is too late. I think time is now.

Concerned citizen



Cage careless drivers


I think RTSA should cage those drivers that are in the habit of using the opposite lane due to congestion. This kind of driving is very dangerous as it can cause accidents as the case was in Kanyama. It has become common among bus drivers and they call it get busy. RTSA should do something to arrest this situation. We should not wait for accidents to happen before we can act. These drivers are a danger to pedestrians and other road users.

Isaac, Lusaka motorists.

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