Simataa roasts ‘crooked’ FAZ


ZAMBIA needs a national soccer coach duly selected, according to the FAZ constitution and not through the usual ‘hook and crook’, says soccer administrator Simataa Simataa.

Simataa said FAZ executive had continuously breached the constitution by taking over the appointment of the coach when it is the job of the technical committee to headhunt.

He said FAZ should be sincere and accept that they should not operate like Government where the president has executive powers to appoint a minister.

“The executive committee has no such powers of headhunting for a coach according to the FAZ constitution. It is the duty of the technical committee which has the Zambia Football Coaches Association,  Referees Association and other selected members who after coming up with the list takes to the executive for approval. But that has not been the case over the years,”he said.

He said the search for a coach especially an expatriate has become a one-man’s show for Kalusha Bwalya.

“Kalusha is the executive; it is well known that the technical bench has no powers in the appointment of a coach. Why should they be head hunting as though we are going to war,

“It cannot take months to find a coach. Let them put an advert and by Monday we can have a coach. But it is taking this long because of ill-mannered intentions,” he said.

Simataa also questioned FAZ why they were indirectly saying that current care-taker coach George ‘Chicken’ Lwandamina was not capable of taking the national team to greater heights.

“They are indirectly saying that continued poor performance of the team was due to the two local coaches Honour Janza and Lwandamina. I feel it is a mockery to Lwandamina who is trying his level best to coach the team. Could it also be the reason why Janza was not paid for 10 months?” he said.

He urged FAZ to put its house in order as they have also contributed to the falling standards of football in the nation.


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One Response to “Simataa roasts ‘crooked’ FAZ”

  1. eck says:

    Pls FAZ put an advert for a coach, why is FaZ behaving like a private company cc? Why is minister,soccer fans mute over zambian faz bad administration? We lost more money on boneti and no one was questioned, what is going on? Hon Vin malambo why are u mute also?


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