Kaseba’s eviction


WE do not think it is wise for Zambians to be going overdrive in offering political solutions to every problem that confront us when communication and diplomacy can best sort out our predicament.

Zambians should learn to communicate and resolve their problems without adding political overtones;  avoid misunderstandings because of a set political stand.

It is sad that today we can be caught in an embarrassing situation all because people do not want to verify their information or simply because they are interested in settling political scores.

The case in point is the alleged eviction of former first lady Christine Kaseba from 8 Reedbuck Lodge because, according to political players,  Government has stopped paying for her rentals.

 It is surprising that the Government could deliberately cause the eviction of Dr Kaseba when the norm is that she is supposed to be looked after by the State.

Dr Kaseba has a lot to tell Zambians about her alleged eviction from 8 Reedbuck Lodge where she was staying since she left State House following the death of her husband, President Michael Sata in October last year.

Is it possible that management at Reedbuck Lodge can be so heartless as to evict a former first lady who was lodging there courtesy of the State?

It would have been even more shocking that management at the lodge decided to evict Dr Kaseba even before Government rentals expired this month-end.

We are challenging 8 Reedbuck Lodge to come out in the open and explain the reason why they decided to evict the former first lady  when issues of such nature could have been settled with Government to avoid an embarrassing situation.

If indeed Dr Kaseba left 8 Reedbuck Lodge on her own accord, we believe an explanation from her is in order to stop the malice that is so far doing the rounds.

It is important that this matter is sorted out to avoid a similar embarrassing situation in the future.

In saying this, we are not saying Dr Kaseba cannot choose where she wants to live or who she should live with.

If she is comfortable to stay with her mother, who are we to demand that she shifts and start a life in Kabulonga or Woodlands residential areas.

Our former first lady knows what she is doing and she very much knows the reasons why she chose her mother’s house when she left 8 Reedbuck Lodge.

But as we have said, it is sad that Zambians would at every turn want to resolve misunderstandings using political means when  communication and diplomacy could play a big part in our day to day interaction.

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One Response to “Kaseba’s eviction”

  1. fredrick says:

    Grant our beloved mother the peace she deserves


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