Liato’s judgment fair


In my view the judgment was fair. Yes, there could be a provision in the Constitution that allows an accused person to remain silent. My view is that this provision is meant for people like Mr. Liato who knew that the money was ill-gotten. The people in Chibuli farming block which is part of Mr. Liato’s former constituency cannot access the clinic at Namilange during the rainy season because there is no bridge at the stream connecting Chibuli to Namilange. The bridge can cost less than K 20,000 but he was greedy and did not care about his voters.

James K. Mphande.



Advice to Mumbi Phiri


We are here to advise Mumbi Phiri not to involve herself in the leadership of the UPND. The same way we advised your friend Hapunda we are advising you not to think about who should lead the UPND. Come 2016 HH will be the president of Zambia. You have failed to control the economy and think you can control UPND. Forget about the age of HH, he is still energetic enough. Talk about the fall of the economy and you should also advise your friend Chama to stop insulting Tongas because he will fail to cross the Kafue River to go and campaign in Southern Province in 2016. You all seem to be afraid of HH and that is the fact.

 Mudenda, Mazabuka.



Harrington is a coward


Harrington, you are a coward. When you were in Government why didn’t you bring this issue before the Cabinet of Frederick Chiluba? Today you are outside Government and you are inciting the people. Did you hear what the Nkoyas said about BRE? They refused to be part of that country if it breaks away, because Nkoyas are indigenous while Lozis are intruders who found them there.

Muwela Matthews.




RDA should revisit  Chawama-Kuku Road


I would like to comment further on Chawama-Kuku Road. RDA did not do a good job on this road. Most structures along the road are less than 2m away from it, making it extremely dangerous for both motorists and pedestrians including structures and their occupants. Hence the road does not only need humps but also structures which are so close to the road need to be demolished to pave way for construction of shoulders and drainage system along the road. Right now these important requirements of a good road are not there. Otherwise it would have been a good shortcut for motorists traveling from Makeni area to the Eastern part of Lusaka and vice versa. Currently most motorists are scared of using the road because it is risky.

Concerned citizen.




Chama did not insult the Tongas


Tribes should be proud of their culture. If you are ashamed of certain traits in your culture it is better to do away with it rather than to take offence when people associate with it. It is a fact that Tongas are polygamous and vote on tribal lines as the case was in January 20 by-election. So did Chama insult or merely remind them not to be regional as that will delay their ascendance to power?

Chanda Mulenga.




The shame of Lusaka residents


Cleanliness is next to godliness but that is not the case for Lusaka residents and this is the shame for our country which claims to be a Christian nation. We liter our beautiful city anyhow and always expect the Government through the council to clean up our mess. We drink carelessly in public and urinate anywhere. We sell food and eat in dirty environments. We have an ‘I don’t care’ attitude. Please brothers and sisters let’s not only clean our towns when we host UNWTO. Let us be organized and show the world that we can be clean people.

Charles Banda, Lusaka

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  1. The black woman not pink says:

    Chama did not insult the Tongas,

    I conquer with you my friend & I quote you “Tribes should be proud of their culture. If you are ashamed of certain traits in your culture it is better to do away with it rather than to take offence when people associate with it” Our friends in the Southern part of Zambia are still suffering from the disease called “Inferiority complex” with their own norms. When you mention what they do, they feel ashamed as if they are caught sinning. It is not true that they are insulted, but that they feel ashamed of their own life style (traditions). They even insult because they are not near you.. but they can even kill you if you are near them. S Mr Chama be extremely carefull when you go South of Zambia.


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