THE Supreme Court was wrong on Liato and has set a very bad legal precedent which defeats the ends of justice, rule of law and more importantly the Constitution.

Our courts must be about the law and not emotion or pandering to public opinion. I agree with your previous writer that President Edgar Lungu must as a matter of urgency pardon former Labour minister Liato on the non-offence that the Supreme Court convicted him on.

That conviction was a political act intended to please some people rather than  serve the ends of justice and the law.

Our Constitution, the surepeme law of the land, states  in an unequivocal manner that nobody will be compelled to give evidence in his own case and above all everybody is inoccent until proved guilty.

How the Supreme court accepted the prosecution case which did not indicate in any manner what form of crime Liato may have committed to amas the K2 billion is a matter of conjecture.

That Liato ruling will be the start of anarchy because credence will now be given to mere suspicion. Nobody should be convicted for suspicion.

The  prosecution   should have suggested the ground for their  suspicion. We should have been told that Liato was involved in corrupttion, drug trafficking, human trafficking or other offence.

To simply suggest that the money was a result of crime without stating the crime  is most unprocedural, unfair and an abuse of process.

The worst observation was to confisticate the money and farm. Why did the court have to penalise his family?




I READ the article ‘Socialism is dictatorship –Katele’ in the Saturday June 20, 2015 issue of the Daily Nation with a heavy heart because the views being held  by the Rainbow Party leader,  Wynter Kabimba,  are a reflection of an apostate politician.

I believe that all well-meaning Zambians nationwide cannot support socialism and dictatorship.

It is neither Zambian, suitable nor workable and there is no amount of political quasi-rationalising that can justify the hideous ideology.

Democracy requires that we turn away from what is not right and do what is acceptable.

Truly, propagating the ideology of socialist governance by the Rainbow Party leader is asking Zambians to revert to dictatorship where the State would dictate the citizens’ future.

Just imagine, if the Rainbow Party was by any chance  voted into office, prospects  for democratic change in the country would be bleak .

Its  party’s despots would hold elections and steal them. Now and then, there would  be violent and deadly protests  against them which could occur in the polls’ aftermath.

All hope is not lost, however  the disappointments associated to the Rainbow Party’s socialist ideology notwithstanding.  A new generation of angry Zambians is emerging.

They are fed up with dysfunctional, rampant corruption and dictatorship. They understand what accountability, rule of law and democracy are all about.

Young, university educated, agile and tech-savvy, they will push aside the sclerotic-socialist-inclined opposition leaders and take on the struggle and continue with the democratic change.

Of course this is not going to be a quick fix. True revolutions are about more than crowds chanting socialist ideological slogans in a packed conference hall.

They say: ‘No condition is permanent.’ But Rainbow Party leaders delude themselves into thinking otherwise.

Mubanga Luchembe,




Insulting the Head of State is a very serious offence and those people in the habit of bringing the name of the Republican President into disrepute should desist from such behaviour.

The position of the Head of State is the highest in the land and it should be accorded the respect it deserves.

Some disgruntled elements have been used to demean the Office of the President by the perceived enemies of President Edgar Lungu and the ruling political party, the Patriotic Front.

For someone to become the President, she or he should be elected through the ballot and garner the highest number of votes in the presidential election.

The above is the democratic way of ushering the person into presidential office. There must be one republican president at any given time.

In this vein, it is important that we should give respect to the Head of State who is mandated to govern the affairs of the nation.

If anything, musicians should be the custodians of good morals and they should sing very educative songs talking about development, Christian values, morality to mention but a few.

It is an established fact that we are affiliated to different political parties but, the gist of the matter is that President Lungu is for all Zambians whether someone belongs to the ruling party or the opposition.

I feel those leaders whose preoccupation is to enter State House should wait for the 2016 tripartite elections.

People’s wish always prevails when it comes to electing someone to the presidential office.

In conclusion, let me hasten to mention here that insulting the Head of State or bringing his office into disrepute is bad and it should not be condoned. Those found wanting should face the wrath of the law.

Elemiya Phiri,


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