I don’t hate RB- Mpezeni

PARAMOUNT Chief Mpezeni’s personal hate for former president Rupiah Banda will divide the Ngoni-speaking people of Eastern Province, a group of Ngoni elders have warned.

But Paramount Chief Mpezeni says he does not hate the former president as he speaks the truth. At a dinner meeting held at Dazzle Grill in Lusaka on Monday, the elders said they would petition Paramount Chief Mpezeni on his relationship with Mr Banda because his continued attacks on the former president were dividing the province.

The elders expressed worry at the rate at which the paramount chief was fighting Mr Banda, saying the fight against the former head of state was unjustifiable.

The elders said it was important that the paramount chief was met through   the normal Ngoni traditional procedures to discuss the hate he allegedly harbours against Mr Banda.

“This is horrible and it is time to try and find a lasting solution. Paramount chief Mpezeni has become a loose canon being used to fight certain individuals such as RB. What wrong has RB done or what connection RB has in the Chipangali conflict? Is Nkhosi Yamankhosi telling us that this problem started when RB was president of this country? Looking at this whole thing it is our conclusion that Nkhosi Yamankhosi harbours hate for Rupiah Banda,” the elders said.

The elders also proposed to meet paramount chief Mpezeni’s chief Nduna George Kanyamula Zulu and the spokesperson for the traditional leader Noel Nkhoma to discuss the confusion Nkhosi Yamankhosi had created in the region.

The elders also observed that the continued attacks on the former president would have a political ramifications on the Patriotic Front government ahead of the 2016 general elections next year.

But Paramount Chief Mpezeni said he does not hate former president Banda .

“Actually he is my son. How do I hate my own son? Does it mean when one says the truth he hates his subject or government?” he asked.

Paramount Chief Mpezeni said the Chipangali wrangles between the Chewas and the Ngonis should not divide the people of Eastern Province, adding that he would be meeting President Edgar Lungu soon over the matter.

He wondered why the elders wanted to petition him when he has been having meetings and telephone conversation with former president Banda over the Chipangali matter.

“I spoke to RB over the Chipangali matter when he was in South Africa. He called me on my daughter’s phone and we spoke. He promised to talk to President Lungu in order to find a lasting solution,” the paramount chief.

The traditional leader said he was a supporter of President Lungu and the PF Government and would not do anything to hurt what he helped build.

Paramount chief Mpezeni has since appealed to politicians to give government chance to resolve the Chipangali matter.

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