Rainbow Party ideology risky

ZAMBIANS should be aware that all those who have benefited from capitalism risked losing their hard earned properties should a political party preaching a return to socialism take over the running of government, People’s Party president Mike Mulongoti has warned.

The Rainbow Party which is led by Wynter Kabimba has adopted socialism as its ideology.

Mr Mulongoti said those preaching socialism, the economic and political ideology that had failed many countries, were only interested in turning Zambia into a rogue State where leaders took advantage of the poor citizens to advance their dictatorial tendencies.

He said Zambians should be wary of the Rainbow Party because its socialism campaign was nothing but a recipe for dictatorship.

Mr Mulongoti said most rogue states have been terrorizing their citizens through political ideologies that promoted totalitarianism.

He said Zambia had become what it was, a democratic state, because it had abandoned the socialist ideology that promoted one-party State and instead embraced capitalism that rewarded hard work and protected private property.

Mr Mulongoti recalled that most of the leaders in UNIP left government poor because of the Leadership Code that banned them from owning property and that there was a danger that the Rainbow Party could easily nationalise private property in the name of sharing the wealth with the poor.

He said the people preaching socialism were themselves rich and were not eager to share their wealth with the poor and it was therefore utopia to think that Zambia would be better managed under socialism.

Mr Mulongoti said the people preaching socialism did not care about the poor but were propagating the failed ideology so that they could take advantage of the economically vulnerable to impose their political agenda on the country.

“Not too long ago, we departed from socialism because it failed us in just more ways than one and we cannot be going back to it. I am not sure whether it was Malaysia or Singapore who said the biggest mistake Kenneth Kaunda made was to abandon capitalism in favour of socialism. This ideology damaged our country and those preaching socialism must spare us the time. Most rogue states have been terrorizing their citizens using failed ideologies that promote totalitarianism and hegemony. But Zambia is a democracy and we allow them to dream but there is a danger that the people who benefited from capitalism risk losing their properties,” Mr Mulongoti said.

He explained that socialism often promoted laziness while it was taking away from those who had worked for their riches.

Mr Mulongoti said it was economically unattainable for the State to take care of every sector such as health and education because the national treasury was often times constrained. He said Zambians must reject the habit of continuously making mistakes stating that Zambia did not benefit anything from socialism apart from the country suffering from economic meltdown.

“One of the failures of socialism is that it magnifies and promotes laziness. Failure to revisit our past is in fact inviting the past to visit us. Capitalism allows people to create wealth, it encourages innovation. Capitalism helps those who fail to work hard to catch up. How many people had houses and other properties under the Leadership Code of Dr Kaunda and UNIP? We had a system where people were given cars and houses and when they left employment, those assets were taken away from them,” Mr Mulongoti said.


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