Now Lusaka council wakes up from slumber

THE Lusaka City Council has started carrying out an inventory of its properties in private hands but without proper lease documentation with the view of repossessing them.

LCC Town Clerk Alex Mwansa said the local authority was taking back ownership of all properties which were in private hands including play parks, car parks and sports facilities because there was no clear indication of how they were handed over to private individuals.

“As LCC, we are in the process of repossessing all council properties that do not have clear documentation on how they were handed over from the council into private hands.

“This includes the land used as the Northmead Car Park, the Municipal Sports centre housing the Olympic Swimming Pool and others which are underutilized across the city,” he said.

Mr Mwansa said the council was carrying out an inventory of all its assets to ascertain the position of all its properties on lease to ensure the right procedures were followed in the handover of the properties to private handlers.

He said the council was curious about how some of its properties ended up in private hands as there were no records to show terms of reference or other trade agreements between the local authority and the various people or companies in possession of the facilities.

Controversy has arisen over the council’s failure to generate revenue despite owning various properties across town, which were potential income earners for the local authority.

Mr Mwansa said there were some property which included buildings and pieces of land around Lusaka which were owned by the council but had been let out to private individuals who have failed to actualize their potential.

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